5 Fashion rules to break immediately


While we love following trends (not blindly, however), we’re seeing that there’s some easing into those hard and fast rules that some fashion editor came up with.

Womennow lists 5 fashion rules to break now:



5 Fashion rules to break immediately


Now here’s something I fully embrace! Why wait for the night to sparkle? Sequins can be worn during the day if you tone them down. Also, pick sequins that are slightly smaller in size.


Now, I don’t know who coined this silly one but I think navy and black pair well together. Take for instance, style maven Victoria Beckham who wore this colour blocked dress from her own collection recently. Navy looks less harsh compared to an all-black outfit.



Clashing metals seem odd but here’s the trick, choose a rose or pale gold to clash with your silver jewellery. Avoid going for too chunky a piece. Instead, wear balance; thin with thick.




The very thought of denim on denim would give most people the heebie jeebies owing to that horrible appearance of then couple Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake. Now, denim on denim is acceptable when done right. To avoid looking like a cowboy, make sure you pair the denim in two contrasting shades. Choose darker bottoms with a lighter, faded shade for a top or vice-versa.



5 Fashion rules to break immediately

Now this is a slightly tricky trend to pull off. There’s a fine line between it looking tarty and classy. The key way to wear it is a) wear a good bra and b) wear one in the same colour as your outfit. We love how Diane Kruger wore a lacy bra under her gown to keep it from looking too risqué.



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