5 Reasons why you are being rejected by men!

If you have been constantly facing rejection you have come to the right place to understand the patterns as to why this incessantly keeps happening to you. You might be confused as to why things don’t work out your way, but trust me, the sole reason behind this is you.

5 Reasons why you are being rejected by men!

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So, if reading through this brings back flashes of your own experiences as well as of those friends who share the same experiences as yours; you will find a very stark similarity in the patterns.


This might strike you time and again that many of your friends have stuck to one single man for years. Or even better, they have always found someone along. Not only do they find someone easily, but attraction from the opposite gender is equally stronger! Do you feel they do things differently than you do or is it sheer luck?


You are not taking chances

 5 Reasons why you are being rejected by men!

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At times you just need to let go and let fate work its magic. The fear of rejection must have negatively affected you so much so that you shield yourself from the dating world. You need to open yourself to newer people. The more people you meet the higher the probability of meeting the one of your dreams. If you stay away, the possibility of a ‘yes’ is next to impossible. Nobody is entitled to be responsible to come and fetch you while you are resting inside your home or chilling out alone. Show yourself out there and the right things will come along.


You fail to see the positivity in dating


You have experienced the worst possible dates and the thought of going out on another one scares you, leave alone expecting the right outcome! If you think positive, you attract positive. If you think negative, even if it is done subconsciously, you will attract negative. Visualise in the affirmative and the law attraction will bring the best for you. If you feel you aren’t good enough for anyone, you will never be. Just have faith and express gratitude for all that you have in abundance. You will be blessed with abundance.


You lack confidence

5 Reasons why you are being rejected by men!

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The most plausible explanation to the rejection you face is because of your lack of self- confidence. The more you lack in it, the more the number of rejections you face. It is a cycle which has toxic results. Men find extremely confident women a turn on. Nobody wants to be with someone who sulks and cribs and complaints. You need to know your worth to make others appreciate it.


You are too clingy


Extremities are real bad things to stick to. A little dependence shows your love and men do appreciate that but being clingy and super needy and dependent all the time is suffocating. You can’t expect to have someone by your side all the time. In fact, that’s too much of an asking from a man who needs his own space too.


Your choices are faulty

 5 Reasons why you are being rejected by men!

Instagram Account: indian.skin

Don’t chase a man. Especially not someone who has a completely different perspective and doesn’t see you as an ideal match. You need to gauge as to how available he really is before you think of taking things to a different level. Just ask him straight away if he is available and is looking for someone. Save yourself all the troubles by doing that. Make really smart choices when picking the man you date. Don’t let anyone get the better of you.


Give dating a try. Open yourself up to the possibilities and opportunities. You might just be a single step away from meeting the man of your dreams.



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