7 Foods that bring good luck!

I am sure nobody refuses yummy food and since food is anyhow always an enjoyment, for this reason I don’t think there is anything wrong in following these culinary superstitions. What if they actually bring you good luck and fortune in the new year? Think, think!


Here are some food that can bring you good luck in the New Year.


7 Foods that bring good luck!

Whether you choose black beans, lentils, or black-eyes peas, healthy fiber-filled beans, all are considered extremely lucky and are said to denote coins. They are considered a s a symbol of financial gains and is traditionally eaten on the New Year Eve in many different cultures. Eating legumes is said to ensure a prosperous fresh year.


7 Foods that bring good luck!

The rich red color of the pomegranate is said to make the fruit a symbol of human heart. People consume pomegranates to ensure long life and fertility. In certain part of the world, it is customary to smash a pomegranate on the floor and break it open. The more seeds if stuffed in the pomegranate, the more fortunate your upcoming year will be, it is believed.


7 Foods that bring good luck!

Fish is a must have during New Year Eve celebrations as they are said to be highly positive and fortunate. The sales on a fish is said to resemble coin, hence, ensuring financial gains and prosperity. It is considered as an auspicious food in many parts of the world and people say that a fish is a symbol of growth and prosperity as it never swims back and always has a forward motion.



7 Foods that bring good luck!

Cooking pork for the Eve’s dinner is said to mark a delightful fresh year. Since pork is very high in fat content and is a very tasty meat, it is said to represent joy and prosperity. Pork is the star dish of a New Year Eve gathering in many cultures and is traditionally a food that symbolizes happiness and peace.


Long noodles

7 Foods that bring good luck!

Straight and simple, long noodles denote longevity. In countries like China and Japan, it is an undying tradition to  eat long noodles on the New Year’s Eve. It is customary that the noodles should neither  break in the cooking process nor break while eating. Biting the noodle while consuming it will break the noodle and therefore, it is slurped! If it in case breaks, it is believed that it will bring misfortune and bad luck.

Cooked greens

7 Foods that bring good luck!

Needless to say, green is a color of health and prosperity. Cooking greens is said to ensure sound health, freedom from illness and relentless growth and riches in the coming year. It is believed that greens should be always cooked at home and shouldn’t be ordered from restaurants. The greens should be home cooked.


7 Foods that bring good luck!

Most of us are aware about this popular tradition of 12 grapes of luck wherein 12 grapes have to be swallowed before the last stroke of midnight. It is said that if any grape is sour in taste, it is likely that you will face troubles in the coming year. Each grape is for each month of the year and this traditions roots back to Spain where it is still followed.
So what is stopping you from munching in the delicacy when it is believed to bring you a year of good health, happiness and prosperity!

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