8 Things you should hide from your boyfriend

8 Things you should hide from your boyfriend


We all are well aware of the basic rule of a relationship : keeping no secrets. True! But on second thoughts, your partner is no Jesus Christ to let go of everything as if nothing happened and hug you saying ‘It doesn’t matter to me, sweetie” because honestly, it does……. trust us. To keep your relationship as hail &hearty as horse, it’s not a sin to hide some facts…….. but not the ‘must be told’ ones!


  • The craziest thing you’ve ever done on a Girls’ Night!

8 Things you should hide from your boyfriend

Girls’ Nights are meant to bring out the ‘wildest you’. Be it those crazy dares about saying ‘I love you’ to your ex or even kissing a random guy at the club! These things might be okay for you when just your girlfriends are around (though it’s completely your choice)…… but you seriously don’t need to let your boyfriend know about the details.

*What Happens In A Girls’ Night…. Stays In The Girls’ Night*!


  • That you find one of his friends cute!

8 Things you should hide from your boyfriend

Let’s face it….. it’s quite natural to admire someone if he actually deserves it (even if he’s one of his friends). And don’t blame us…. blame our hormones! But it definitely doesn’t mean that we fantasize about his friend at lonely nights coz we can do that about our beau only. Even then, don’t let him (or his friend) ever know about your tiny meeny crush…. just to be on the safe side.


  • That you still have some feelings left for your ex!

8 Things you should hide from your boyfriend

Relationships get broken but some strings remain attached. You’ve moved on of course and are jolly well happy with your sweetheart……. still you might have a soft corner left for your ex till today. You better not bump into conversations regarding him as it might upset your boyfriend leading to an ugly fight for no logical reason. Instead, try to get over him as soon as possible.


  • That you don’t like some of his family members too much!

8 Things you should hide from your boyfriend

Not every one of his family is going to be a character jumped out of those SurajBarjatya’s Films! Sweet as sugar…. that too with a chocolate coating *sigh*. You may find them a bit annoying and not so understanding….. so might they. Let those harsh feelings be buried inside your heart…… for the sake of your relationship’s dignity. Nobody likes to hear negative things about their closed ones……. do you??


  • That he is not your ‘usual type’!

8 Things you should hide from your boyfriend

He can love you, care for you, protect you at times, work from 9 to 5 to meet your demands and give a fine and subtle living….. but he can’t fly with a cape and fight with villains to be a *hero* in your eyes! Accept the reality, ladies. You’ve chosen a decent, normal guy so let him be one. Don’t expect him to come riding over a white horse and bend down on his knees like a prince charming! So, better not let him know that he’s not ‘The Knight In Shining Armor’ of your imaginations. If he’s doing the best he could, appreciate his efforts.


  • That you’re afraid to show him your face without make-up!

8 Things you should hide from your boyfriend

Neither we’re born with a blemish-free, spotless, glowing skin…. nor we’re a millionaire’s daughter to spend reckless money over plastic surgery! You don’t need to give him details about the hours you spend on your make-up sessions or how many beauty parlor visits you need to pay every month. After all you have all the rights to hide the flaws in your skin by any means. Let some womanish secrets kept up to yourself only!


  • That you cheated on your previous boyfriend!

8 Things you should hide from your boyfriend

Cheating is a sin in a relationship and it’s never easy to be forgotten and forgiven. You may have your own explanations about what forced you to do so or how you were left with no other choice….. but he wouldn’t understand them (isn’t it obvious!). It’d be better if you let this secret be under wraps and in case you ever happen to tell him…..well, congratulations….he will never trust you again!


  • That you aren’t happy with his performance in life!

8 Things you should hide from your boyfriend

Don’t be one of those over-expecting parents who continue to taunt their children how they couldn’t meet their expectations! Be by his side (always!) and help him make better choices in life. But never hurt his sentiments with lines like, “You’re a Loser!” (Even if he is……. actually!)


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