9 signs that he is only into you for sex


So, you have had this guy in your life for a while now and certain patterns have filled you with doubts about his intentions. Ladies, accept the fact: not every guy you come across will be your prince charming. That might still be a cry far for many of you. You might literally have to go on weighing your option till you meet the one! Your self-worth is important and not the guy who you feel have been utilising you for sex. Buck up, look for these signs and if they stand true, I tell you, move on! It will do you more good.

  • You are his lone-time company

You only become his company after he is done with his work or even hung out with his friends.Real dates have become a thing of the past, when you were just at the threshold of a relationship.

  • He doesn’t communicate

It’s an affirmation that speaking to you literally is not one of his favourite things to do. He avoids any kind of interaction with you once he is done with the intercourse or that he asks you to leave after finishing off.

  • He is only appreciative of your physical appearance.

9 signs that he is only into you for sex

He has never taken the initiative to know your heart or that he abstains from knowing anything that lies beyond your body. Your hobbies, your skills, your likes and dislikes do not excite him.

  • Every meeting of yours has been confined to his home.

Neither does he take you out for a movie, hanging out at a restaurant or any other place that amuses you nor has he introduced you to his friends or parents. All you do is have sex.

  • He is always ready with excuses.

Either he attends to his family or his friends. He might even convince you about to phobic attitude towards a commitment or that he wants to concentrate on his education/work.

  • You have caught him bragging about his sex life to his friends.

Your personal messages or sexts are in that case, all public and there no bedroom experiences that he shares solely with you.

  • He doesn’t care

9 signs that he is only into you for sex

He is the least bothered to attend to your needs when you are unwell. Whether or not you are in the mood to have sex seems to be none of his concern. In fact, he tactfully manipulates you into giving in. This one is so insensitive!

  • Compares you to porn stars

He is all so crazy about porn that he keeps comparing you to porn stars or constantly wants you to try whatever he sees onscreen. If he forces you to do things you don’t want to, girl, you have the wrong catch. Stay away from pleasing him by doing whatever he asks for even if it means you have to endure unbearable pain. He is not worth it!

  • Respect is the last thing he has for you.

There is no stopping to his constant stares at any woman he sees on the street or even worst, he keeps flirting whenever he gets a chance. This douche bag is least deserving of you time, mind and body. Just dump him!

There are many who will love you the way you want them to. That too, effortlessly. Good things have always been worth the wait. The best things are in store for you! Good Luck.

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