9 Style tips to avoid looking heavier

9 Style tips to avoid looking heavier

Have you ever wondered why somebody who has the same body type as yours, tends to look lighter and a bit slimmer on every occasion..?? All thanks to her ‘styling sense’ may be. Style doesn’t mean wearing what is trending and is the new cool. Style means wearing what suits you like nothing and brings out the best in you. Eliminate those silly styling mistakes that have been adding those extra kilos to your personality. Here are a few hacks to achieve that ‘ramp-ready’ look……. just like that!


  • Never opt for too-long tops!

9 Style tips to avoid looking heavier

We usually tend to pick long tops with an aim to cover-up our butt and thighs. But little did we know, that such tops would only enhance the heavier parts of our body. Choose medium length tops if you’re not comfortable with the short ones and make sure that they fit you well.


  • Prefer narrow belts over wide ones!

9 Style tips to avoid looking heavier

Wide belts add bulk across your waist making it look heavier. Prefer narrow belts of the same color as the clothing to give your waist a sharp and slimmer edge. Make sure that the colorof the belt you choose compliments to your outfit.


  •  Big prints are a big ‘no-no’!

9 Style tips to avoid looking heavier

Many stylists and fashion icons agree with the fact that bigger and heavier prints tend to draw unnecessary attention towards your size. Although the prints should be proportional to your shape, but large floral prints should be avoided for your own good. Moreover the prints and patterns should suit the cut and color of the outfit as well.


  • Vertical strips work better than horizontal ones!

9 Style tips to avoid looking heavier

Stripes are always in irrespective of the season. Although there is no magic trick to get an hourglass figure you’ve cravings for, vertical striped clothes do make a petite woman look comparatively taller and thinner. Also, go for narrow strips and avoid wide horizontal ones as they tend to make you look wider.


  • Darker shades may work as wonder!

9 Style tips to avoid looking heavier

Don’t misunderstand us and assume that you can’t wear white and light colors. Of course you can, if they go along with your complexion. Indeed, dark colors especially black does conceal your baby fat and gives you a slimmer look along with making your complexion appear lighter against the dark outfit. Pastel colors also work great.


  • Flowy fabrics over the clingy ones!

9 Style tips to avoid looking heavier

Avoid clingy fabrics, like jersey, that stick to your body enhancing all the curves and drawing unnecessary attention towards them. Instead of that, opt for flowy fabrics in such colors that go along pretty well with your complexion as well as the weather.


  • Dressing in monochrome might just be slimming!

9 Style tips to avoid looking heavier

Monochromes work like wonder by creating one long, lean and thin line from head to toe creating an illusion of height which ultimately makes you look thinner than actually. But paying an extra care to the color you choose holds great importance. From jump suits to evening gowns, you’re all set to flaunt what you’ve got!


  • No big pockets and busy designs!

9 Style tips to avoid looking heavier

Trousers with numerous big pockets, like the cargo pants, tend to highlight  your bottom areas much more than needed. They add extra volume to your thighs making them look heavier and too easy to be noticed.


  • Divert attention from your heavier parts!

9 Style tips to avoid looking heavier

Most women commit the blunder of seeking attention towards their heavier and bulky parts while their other beautiful assets go unnoticed. Try to wear off-shoulder tops and authentic neck-pieces as accessories so that your top-half gets noticed if your bottom part is heavier…….. while A-line skirts and wide-legged trousers make your lower body parts look gorgeous preventing extra attention from the heavy upper-half of your body.

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