Breast cancer? Go Vegan!

Breast cancer? Go Vegan!

A low-calorie diet is likely to reduce the risk of breast cancer in postmenopausal women. Going Vegan, that is, trying out greens and grains, is more helpful than fat stuffed non-vegetarian food items.They reduce the chances of formation of cancerous cells in your breast along with reducing the fatal risk that comes along.

Breast cancer? Go Vegan!


Breast cancer is serious! Gone undiagnosed, it could turn fatal.

A study conducted on postmenopausal women who followed a low-fat diet for eight years as compared to women who didn’t; gave us the following conclusions :

  • Women who were careful with their diet had reduced risk of cancer invasion
  • Their survival rate increased by 82%
  • They also showed lower rates of heart disease mortality risk.
  • On the contrary, women who didn’t follow a particular diet routine were at 78% survival risks.

However, the two groups of women had similar breast cancer characteristics. No changes were seen in size, nodal status, and distribution of poor prognosis, triple- negative cancer, and HER2 positive cancers.

So postmenopausal jittery women! If you are nervous that a cancerous lump may soon swell in your breasts, Go Vegan!








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