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Top 10 Ways of Improving Your Relationship With Your Kids

Well, we all agree that parenting is the highest privilege that

Womennow in conversation with Shradha Singh, the Author of ‘The Guilt Pass’…

Shradha is a Radio professional, lyricist and a writer based out

Marital Sex with a Child equates Rape: Declares the Supreme Court!

On Wednesday the Supreme Court of India has passed its judgement,

5 Ways to Build Relationships on Halloween!

How is Halloween a great event to build relationships? You will

Celebrate with these 4 Low-fat desserts this season!

No celebration in India is complete without a flash of sweetness. Desserts are

6 ways to view call history of your Partner

Do you think that your partner might be cheating on you?

Cervical Cancer: Collection of Used Sanitary Napkins in India

Cancer is one of the leading causes of mortality around the

Nirmala Seetharaman: India’s first full-time female Defence Minister

When in 2015, Justin Trudeau was asked to explain his reasons

14 Best Resources that Can Help Indian College Students!

Description: Check out the top sites that will help you in

6 Reasons how it’s tiring to be a feminist in India!

We are amongst those countries where discrimination against women has been

4 Ridiculous norms through which patriarchy dominates in India!

Beware of, recognize, and rebel against those ridiculous norms backed by

10 Must-Have Trendy Accessories for the Desi Indian Bride’s Trousseau!

A wedding trousseau is incomplete without the accessories. The first thing

6 Reasons why Indian women face oppression!

Why was the western outfit blamed but not the drunk man?

10 Qualities the Indian society expects from an eligible spinster!

Questions like “Are you a girl in the marriageable age zone?” or

5 Menstrual hygiene challenges faced by rural women in India!

Maintaining one’s hygiene is the most important task to lead a