Couple sleep positions decode secrets of relationship

Couple sleep positions decode secrets of relationship

Patti wood, the author of Success Signals, A Guide to Reading Body Language; has come out with amazing insights into how sleep patterns with partner can speak volumes about the relationship they share. She acknowledges the fact that there might be exceptional cases but most studies confirm her findings.


  • If your partner encloses you from the rear, your butt touching his penis kind of a position, it shows that there is a tremendous level of trust and a sense of security in the relationship.


  • Instead if you envelop him that way, you have feeling of protectiveness towards him, simply speaking, you are possessive.


  • With time, people tend to distance a little to go back to the position they are most comfortable with. The enclosure position stays but with some space in between. Although less sexual, there tends to be a reassurance from your partner that he is there for you.


  • If you are close, facing each other while sleeping it sends out signals of both of you wanting to see each other for the whole night. If he draws in closer, he wishes to have a greater level of intimacy.



  • When you face away from each other but your butts tend to touch, you are confident and believe in the need for space in the relationship.


  • When you are all over each other, with legs and feet touching, if means you are just way into each other, so much so that you can’t get enough of it.


  • If you sleep with a space in between but heads at the same level, you can literally read each others’ minds.



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