How to cultivate inner strength?

As Brian Tracy quotes, “You have within you right now, everything you need to deal with whatever the world can throw at you.”

How to cultivate inner strength?

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Inner strength is nothing but a part of you, that comes out naturally only when you gather the guts to overcome seemingly impossible difficulties and obstacles.

The journey from ‘I can’t’ to ‘I can’ and from ‘I can’ to ‘I will’, pens down your success story. Every accomplishment must have been just an idea initially. It’s the inner strength what makes it happen.


It’s been rightly said that Winners don’t do different act, but they act differently. Life is never going to stop throwing its tantrums, God is never going to stop taking your tests and the world is never going to stop making things difficult for you. Situations don’t decide your fate…… your reactions to those situations do. Prosperity in any work is governed by two kinds of people ………. those who lose their calm, shrug their shoulders and say, “This is never going to happen!” and those who take a deep breath, wink, smile and say, ” This is just an instance of all that is meant to happen!”


When time hammers you with its challenges, there are just two options you can opt for …….. get broken down into pieces or get carved up into a sculpture. “Easier said than done”, is that what you’re thinking right now? Trust us, Inner Strength is not just a hypothesis used as a tool for motivation but an actual reality of Human’s dynamism & potentiality.


Inner Strength is the key to success

How to cultivate inner strength?

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How do you think those millions of women who’ve been the victims of cruel twists of fate, rewrite their lives in golden letters? It’s the inner strength that doesn’t let an acid attack victim’s hopes and ambitions get burnt along with her skin, organs, entire body and soul as well. It’s the inner voice that inspires a rape victim to stand up for herself and slam the door of justice. You don’t have any control over destiny, but you do have power over yourself. You may get knocked down on the outside, but the key to living in victory is to learn how to get up on the inside. Beautify your inner world, and the outer world will become beautiful on its own.


Instead of waiting for a supernatural cape to appear and make you a Wonder Woman overnight, enhance your hidden talents and raise the bar of your abilities. As Mahatma Gandhi says, “Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”


  • Learn to accept yourself

How to cultivate inner strength?

Because the worst loneliness, is not to be in love with yourself. Stop wanting others to appreciate you…… first appreciate yourself. You might not be perfect, but being imperfect is sometimes equally creditable as being unique. You might not have conquered everything, but what remains left to be achieved actually inspires you to keep on trying. You might not be totally flawless, but who else is, in reality?? Everyone here, is trying to push their share of mountains. Some people may be born with a silver spoon in their mouth, but it doesn’t mean that others can’t have it. Instead of aspiring to become someone else, try to become one of a kind. Stop blaming your genes and considering yourself  helpless. Know your worth because others wouldn’t value you if you yourself never will.


You are the only person who knows all your flaws. Others don’t even notice them as much as you do. Our flaws are never the barriers in our way of success, but our lack of confidence is. Do say, “I Love You” to yourself once in a while……. because your craving for being someone else’s love is a sheer waste of who you are.


  • Believe in yourself

How to cultivate inner strength?

You already win half of the battle as soon as you start believing your capabilities & caliber. It’s only your ego, you have to sacrifice…… but never your attitude. You too were created with some motive, as God doesn’t create waste. Sometimes, a quick boost of self-confidence results in setting a milestone to be remembered forever. Why rely on others when you’re the most trusted person you can count on in the days of hardship?


If you hear a voice withinyou saying, “You cannot do it”….. just do it and the voice will get silenced. Optimism is the first step in the way to success. If you can’t take this……you can never go ahead.


  • Explore your hobbies

How to cultivate inner strength?

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You love to paint but only your bedroom walls witness this talent of yours. You love to write but your diary lies in the bookshelf along with the other piles of books. You love to play but the guitar hardly comes out of its case. Don’t let your hobby remain confined within the boundaries of your house. It’s a God gifted treasury you own. When you’ve got it, why not flaunt it?? And you need no big break for that…. just a small platform is enough. Join any club/committee related to your hobby or look for such online jobs. Doesn’t matter if you’re a student, employee or simply a housewife…… exploring your hobbies would definitely boost your inner strength and glorify your persona.


  • Take care of your fitness

How to cultivate inner strength?

Stop looking for excuses to ditch your fitness regime anymore. A healthy body is the key to a healthy mind and soul. Lying lazily all day on the couch is only going to thrust negative thoughts in your head. If you don’t have enough time for hitting the gym, adopt some healthy habits and do follow them on a regular basis. Bid goodbye to junk foods and say hello to veggies & fruits. Meditate or practice yoga whenever you get some time from your hectic schedule. Embrace your pillow at night on time but let go of your bed early morning. 8 hours of sound sleep is the must. Show some love to your body. Because it’s never going to say, “Sorry, I won’t love you back!”.


  • Spend time with positive people

How to cultivate inner strength?

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A person’s mood is largely influenced by his company. Stop being around people who make you feel bad about yourself. Cuddle your near dear ones and let your body release some happy hormones. People tend to overcome their deepest emotions and convert their fears into strength when they have their family & friends by their side. The world is overloaded with self-centered people who wouldn’t miss any chance of pulling your legs to lift themselves up. Don’t let anybody’s selfishness prevent you from achieving your heights. You’re meant to fly high…….. let nobody cut your wings.


  • Speak your mind

How to cultivate inner strength?

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Don’t let your fears hold your tongue. Speak up the right thing at the right time. If you’ve anything concrete to say, let the whole world know about it. Don’t bother about impressing people……. first learn to express yourself. Being an introvert is okay but being timid or coward is a torture you’re doing over your personality. Step out of your comfort zone and don’t hold yourself back from putting your views and opinions forward. It’s not wrong not to be right all the time. You might commit mistakes, you might screw things up…… but that’s how you’re going to learn. And when one ceases to learn…… one ceases to live.


  • Be a reason behind someone’s smile

How to cultivate inner strength?

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The satisfaction that comes naturally when you make somebody’s day is totally incomparable to anything on Earth. The best cure for your shattered self-confidence is to heal someone else’s broken heart. Lend an ear to someone who needs one to hear him…….. lend your shoulder to someone who needs one to cry on…… give someone a note of appreciation when he feels low about himself……. because smile is contagious. Make others smile and you’d smile naturally.


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