Deflate the bloated belly!

Deflate the bloated belly

Deflate that bloated belly! 

You are running, jumping, jogging, working hard, exercising, panting but can’t get around deflating that inflated belly! Now you might be cutting down carbs but you might be doing things in the wrong way. Here’s how you can save yourself and get rid of excess belly.

  • Sodium is bad 

Deflate the bloated belly

Sodium, also known as salt is bad for your belly. Not only will it retain water in your belly but also be bad for the heart. Cut back on salty food such as chips, cheese and all the “namkeen” you are fond of. Keep your eyes and hands off that salt sprinkler.

  • Let your belly float in fluids 

Deflate the bloated belly

With fat belly, drinking water may be the last thing on your to-do list. Let me slap the reality on your face; drinking water reduces water retention. When you are not sipping enough fluids, your body retains water to prevent dehydration. Drinking water pushes away the accumulated water in your belly that inflated it. Another cause of pot-belly is constipation and drinking water is the best remedy to cure that.

  • Limit gassy food 

Deflate the bloated belly


For some, dairy food is a cause of gassiness. For others, the reason may be otherwise. Crawl away from dairy food if you think it’s causing your belly gas. Other foods that create gasses in your body are beans, broccoli, onions, aerated drinks etc.

  • Fibre rich food are best 

Deflate the bloated belly

Serve yourself fibre rich food as it moves accumulated food away from the intestine. It helps fat, constipation and obviously your protruding belly. If you are not cozy with fibrous food, eat small amounts everyday. Fibre rich food include kiwi, beans, avocado and grains. You should also include fruits with high water content in your diet such as watermelon.

  • Don’t eat in a hurry 

Deflate the bloated belly

Swallowing big morsels of your food can be a cause of bloated belly. That lump around your stomach can be flattened if you enjoy your food slowly. Chew on and relieve your stomach from doing the hard work of breaking the food which your teeth can do.

  • Exercise

Deflate the bloated belly

Of course. Sitting at one place for long hours is bad. Get moving. Work out for at least 30 mins a day.

  • Alcoholism? 

Deflate the bloated belly

If you are an alcoholic who likes to try a variety of wines and beer, your dream of a flat belly can never be true. Alcohol retains water in your stomach causing constipation. If you still want to drink, follow your glass of alcohol with a glass full of water. And hey, stick to one drink.



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