Dresses for women – different dress lengths

Dresses for women - different dress lengths

Dresses for women are created in different silhouettes, styles, colors, patterns and lengths. The dress length plays an important role in adding to the overall look. There are different lengths from floor length dresses, knee length dresses to tea length dresses. All these have unique implications like occasion appropriateness, age appropriateness and body type appropriateness.

Floor length dresses

Dresses for women - different dress lengths

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These lovely dresses are mostly chosen for formal occasions. With their elegant styling and cut floor length dresses translate into high fashion statements. These long dresses are generally worn just below the ankle and sometimes come with lovely little trains at the back for added sophistication and attraction. The dress style can be worn with any body type, but there are certain considerations in terms of height. Slinky long body forming dresses looks extra sassy and sultry on slim tall body shapes. However, if you are little on the chubby side you can still select dresses that match your body shape, and you can always add an inch or two of your structure with a pair of high heels.

Tea length dresses

Dresses for women - different dress lengths

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This style was made popular by the New York fashion scene but they originated from Europe and were then called as tea gowns. Tea length dresses were first meant for wearing at evening semi-formal functions like tea parties. During the recession in America women opted for shorter hemlines that ended in the region of mid-calf and they were much similar to the tea gowns created in Europe. These days any dress that falls anywhere between the knee and over the ankle are called tea length dresses and are mostly worn by older women. These dresses are less fancy than elaborate ball gowns however they can project a much more festive outlook than the mini dress. They are ideal formal wear and provide a perfect ladylike look with a touch of sassy glitz.

Knee length dresses

Dresses for women - different dress lengths

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Knee length dresses are shorter than the tea length ones and the hemlines generally just skim the knee. They are very popular choices for summer dresses. The dresses are also fast becoming hot as an alternative to conservative floor-length wedding dresses.

So now you have a better idea of the must have lengths for your seasonal and formal wear it is time to start on an adventure. There are many exciting exotic choices to give you any look you have been coveting as long as you know the right place to start looking.



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