Eat out a lot, but still thin?

Isn’t this every girl’s dream to keep eating as much as she wants and not put on even a gram! If you’re one of those lucky ones, you’d relate to these things for sure. Get ready to nod your head while going through each one of these points.

Eat out a lot, but still thin?

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  • “What’s your dieting mantra”??


It’s the first question you’re welcomed with whenever a person who doesn’t know you that well meets you. Before you could boast yourself with your dieting plans and exercising routines (that actually don’t exist!), your friends are there to pull your leg and get you to the ground again by revealing all of your reckless food habits.


  • You’re declared as the prime reason for your friends’ weight gain!

Eat out a lot, but still thin?

As soon as your friend puts on even a gram, she rolls her eyes and gives you a tough look making you go die inside with the guilt of being the culprit of her weight gain. After all, it’s you who ruins their fitness regime by taking them to those new food stalls and making them try every single harmful yet mouth-watering delicious cuisines.


  •  You don’t give a damn about your calorie intake!


While your friends keep an eye on their regular calorie consumption, you don’t feel the need to remember how many cola cans you’ve gulped down or how many burgers you’ve swallowed up in a day. Moreover, you keep looking for new places where you can go with your friends to taste some really yummy foods.


  • “Why on Earth you never get fat?”

Eat out a lot, but still thin?

Even you’ve no answer to this. All thanks to your genes may be! The only thing you can do when your friends pop this question is shrug your shoulders and say, “I’m blessed!!”.


  •  Nobody believes that you *are* a foodie!

Eat out a lot, but still thin?

“So, you’re a born foodie….. but where does all that food go????” The vast difference between the amount of food you feast upon and the amount of fat wrapped around your skeleton doesn’t let anyone believe on this fact.


  •  Your mother is the most concerned person about your weight!

Eat out a lot, but still thin?

Taking you to those dieticians and buying those weight gain medicines are the first tasks on her to-do list. Here you gain some weight, and there she is, happier than ever! That’s how Indian mothers are. According to them, their daughter is the slimmest of all and starving all the time, isn’t it..??


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