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Me and my bf were having sex..with a condom on.. but then I felt something wrong and I made him pull out and all I saw was his penis...without the condom! The condom stayed inside me while he pulled out, but I am still worried about being pregnant by precum and maybe we both didn't feel it slip off? ..I didn't take the morning after pill, I mean we had a condom on and he didn't cum... so if he did have any precum.. it would have stayed in the condom even as he pulled out right? ...however, I am feeling lower stomache pains and nausea... could I be pregnant? or could my period be late because I am stressing about this? HELP... should I relax and wait for it? or take a pregnancy test? or what?!?!
asked Apr 5 in Pregnancy by AlinaA (110 points) | 152 views

3 Answers

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Stomach pain and nausea is also common just before your period is going to start. The only guarantee that you are pregnant is only when you test positive after you miss your periods. Also, precum will not get you pregnant unless there was some cum present before. Wait for your periods and if they dont happen atleast within a week of the scheduled time test yourself.
answered Apr 7 by anonymous
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To be honest there is always a super tiny possiblity that there might have been something. precum also contains sperms...

probability though is low if you were just at the beginning - what does your bf say, as he cumming?

make a test if your period didnt come yet, now its too late anyways for the pill...
answered Apr 7 by Reynu
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Yes there can be! Go to doctor!!
answered Apr 9 by anonymous
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