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I am engaged and about to get married in 2 weeks and still I don't think he is correct for me. I tried to convince my parents but didn't go well.

What to do? Should I convince them or convince myself to marry him, when I don't have any feeling for him?

Please help
asked Aug 31, 2017 in Married Life by Anusha | 9,158 views

5 Answers

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I think you should not go in for something that you are doubtful about. You will only destroy another life and yours as well if you forcibly convince yourself to get married to this guy. Marriage is a long term project. Only go for it if you are absolutely sure.
answered Sep 2, 2017 by anonymous
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Why are you marrying him? Your parents want that? What are their reasons?

Does he love you? Love sometimes can grow as well. Did you ever try to find something positive about him? Did you ever speak with him about it?
answered Sep 4, 2017 by Reynu M
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better u should not marry him.As a councellor  i have seens many girls marrying  just for the sake their parents. Post marriage,  wat they end up compromising in  un happy marriage.  parents nvr care  for their daughter.  whta they actually care is social status,  so called dignity.  some girls rebel and take divorce.  while remaining ones live unhappily for whole life.  In India remarriage of divorced woman is still a taboo.  so in both case whether u stay or break the marital bond your whole life is going  to be a hell.
you have said that u tried to convince  your parents.  what kind of parents they are?  If their  daughter do'nt want to marry a guy, even if the guy is good.  they should respect their daughter's choice.  your parents should  have searched  another guy.  what they did to you?  Harsh but ture they are forcing you to spend your whole life with a guy who u nvr liked.  u have to share everything  of yours wid ur man.
Sweetheart your patents have respected your opinion, they never  cared about your happiness.  then why are you still thinking foe them.  I agree,  parents love their  children.  they want best fot their children.  but wat they consider best may be worse for you. you still have a choice, hault this marriage, break this bond.
answered Sep 6, 2017 by sunshine
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Marriage is a life long decision in our society. If there is even a 1% error, the repurcussions will be life long. Pls try to analyse reasons for your discomfort. Write them down. Take someone in your family in your confidence rather than discussing this openly. N slowly with your friend bring this up. If the boy is open minded u can talk t him aswell. You hv another option of taking some time rather than completely calling this off.....all t best
answered Sep 7, 2017 by ayushi
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Getting jittery is very common right before marriage. It has more to do with your thoughts and feelings of self worth. Trust issues as well. While most people overcome this after marriage, some hang onto this and spoil their lives. You need to work on your inner self. Having said that, if your concern is backed by sufficient proof, do take the decision.
answered Dec 21, 2017 by Kavita
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