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I am friends with this guy from my class. We are good friends but recently I came to know that without talking to him and spending time with him I feel lost. I think I am in love with him or is it just an infatuation. How can I express it to him?
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No one cares
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Ask him neutral question-"How would you feel if anyone expresses her true feelings to you? Will you give her a chance?" You will get your answer.
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Talk to him.

Or have a friend talk to him If you feel better ?

You don’t lose anything if you try it
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Just tell him about ur feelings... U don't have to play games... There are chances that he feels the same way u do about him... And if he doesn't u will get to know that he is just a frnd ... None are bad... In both the answers u will get to know the truth... But firstly u must try....
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sara is rite!!!
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