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My friends might be wrong with their concerns regarding long distance relationships. But what about you? How do you respond when asked about your side towards LDR? Personally, I tend to have a bimodal response. I was once part of this trend. My involvement was quite a roller coaster ride, but it never lasted the way I perceived it. At first, it went right. My relationship with my girl I met in a foreign bride social had a great leap in our initial intimacy. We communicate a lot through skype and facebook messenger. But after a few weeks, everything went gloomy, like a stone rolling down to a mountain’s lower steep. For me, long distance relationships will work if  both partners look for ways to step up, to make a relationship propel to its higher level. In our case, it was just my girlfriend who tried hard to make things happen. Share your thoughts below!

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I feel long distance rarely works. I don’t believe in virtual reality. That’s almost too platonic for me. I have been in one for six years and definitely not worth the efforts and sacrifices made.
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