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My sister’s husband annoys me so much. He is a know-it-all. He makes it seem like he knows everyone or that he has done everything we are about to do. For instance, if I talk about business, he butts in and makes the conversation about his own business. If I talk about drinking, he won’t stop talking about him drinking and all of his fun drinking spree. He makes everything all about him. He listens a bit to your story and then the rest of the conversation is about him. I feel like this dude’s narcissistic. I kinda feel bad for my sister. I did warn her that she might meet weirdos in international brides dating parties which she attended. I have no idea why she actually married this dude. Maybe love is not just blind, maybe it’s also deaf.

How do I tell my sister about this? Should I talk to my parents about this? I’m just really so annoyed by him. Wish I addressed this before they got married but I never really seemed to notice this before.

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You think she loves him?

She married him for a reason though.... and now they are married... maybe talk to your parents and try to find out what they think....

and then maybe you can try to talk to him?!  how long are they married for? any kids? also important to know...
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Your annoyance won’t mean a thing to your sister. She is helpless. It’s better you avoid seeing this man completely. That’s what I did in the same situation that I found my sister in. Some idiots don’t change but you have to keep your sanity intact.
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