Healthy foods – know your fruits and vegetables better!

Healthy foods - know your fruit and vegetables better!

Eating five servings of fruit and vegetable a day is very important. Healthy foods includes a variety of different colored fruit and vegetables that can give us all around health benefits. Each fruit and vegetable have unique essential health components.


Healthy foods - know your fruit and vegetables better!

Such as onions, mushrooms, garlic and cauliflower often lowers LDL cholesterol and reduces heart disease risk. A study suggests that polysacchirides in mushroom boost immunity and combat tumors.


Healthy foods - know your fruit and vegetables better!
Vegetables are often sources of magnesium, which helps protect your bones. Other greens like Brussels sprout are rich in vitamin K, needed for blood clotting. Spinach and asparagus are rich in folic acid, which may protect heart.


Fruits and vegetables, including pineapples lemons and tomatoes often contain vitamin C which helps heal the wounds and clears out free radicals. Papayas rich in vitamins C, A,E,K. together these nutrients promote cardiovascular system and are good for colon cancer.


Healthy foods - know your fruit and vegetables better!
Caratenoid-rich foods like carrots are source of immunity boasting vitamin A and in citrus fruit like oranges vitamin C which promotes oral health too.


Healthy foods - know your fruit and vegetables better!
Anthocyanin a cancer fighting substance is usually present in the red produce. Tomatoes have potassium which helps control the blood pressure. In red peppers is vitamin A that is good for healthy eyes. Strawberries are rich in vitamin C.


Healthy foods - know your fruit and vegetables better!
Fruits and vegetables which are blue or purple like grapes and purple cabbage also have anthocynins and that protects cells from oxidative damage. Eggplant has chologenic acid which eats up free radicals.

To live a better Lifestyle include healthy foods to your routine.



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