How important is it for a woman to be aware of her body?



Our bodies undergo quite a few changes as we grow and experience different phases of life. If you’re not aware of these changes, you may feel uncomfortable and may even develop misconceptions about them. Simply put, the more you know about the changes that your body goes through, the more confident you will feel about knowing yourself and tackling the myths and misconceptions that you encounter about your body in everyday life.

Girls between the ages of 8 and 13 and boys between the age of 10 and 15 undergo many physical and emotional changes as they grow up from being a child to eventually becoming an adult. This period of adolescence, with all the changes that happen during this time, is referred to as puberty.

A few examples of such changes noticeable in girls are development of breasts, appearance of pubic hair and the beginning of menstruation. With respect to boys, appearance of facial and pubic hair, deepening of voice and development of muscles are examples of such changes.

It is important to remember that the time of onset of puberty and its completion varies at an individual basis.



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