Clasped hands, serene music and beating hearts. This lovely video from y films takes us back to the romantic memories, each one of us makes in our life.
This beautiful short film is dedicated to all the people who have forgotten to steal out some moments of love from monotonous lives. It features our very favourite Farida Jalal, who has made an appearance on screen after years now. And also the very famous, Kulbushan kharbanda, which is like icing on the cake.
Through the video, you realise that love has a special place in our hearts. Often misunderstood by the world and tied in boundaries, romance fails to brew up in daily lives. But these young at heart, daring souls do not fail to put up their affection for each other.
The video is directed by Ankur Tiwari and gives us a beautiful message to take time out and express love for our dear ones.

Shrutika Argawal

About Shrutika Argawal

Shrutika is a young writer who strongly believes in the power of words. She writes short stories, poetry, and blog articles. Her work is published in various lifestyle magazines, blogs and websites.


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