NGOs: Empowering women in India


Women have been asking for our rights for centuries. Till today, we still have thousands of women who are fighting for their rights. We still have cases, where women are being beaten daily. Women are still being raped and have to keep quiet. They have to bear the shame and injustice done to them. Women are still deprived of education, they are still referred as the weaker sex who needs to look after household chores rather than getting an education. In this article we will talk about the Ngos who have been focusing on women rights and women empowerment.

Women on wings

Till today Women on wings has already created more than 182,000 jobs for rural women and girls. The rural areas females are still facing a big problem concerning several factors such as education, marriages, forced child, prostitution and even poverty. Therefore the NGO, Women on wings is an organisation which gives females, the opportunity to learn something. It gives them the chance to empower themselves so that they can stand on their own feet.

WASH United


NGOs: Empowering women in India

WASH United is another woman NGO responsible for educating women on their menstruation cycle and to provide several medical facilities to the women. The NGO is also responsible for eradicating taboo subjects. It also educates women how to protect themselves against diseases and how to keep clean during their menstruation.


Commit2 Change is an NGO which helps in educating small girls in India especially in rural and less developed areas to get an education. It also helps them to flourish in life and to succeed. The Ngo also provide shelter to orphans where they grow up as a family along with preparing them for their future lives.

Apne Aap

NGOs: Empowering women in India

This NGO mainly deals with the empowerment of women. They principally help women to learn about their rights. They teach them how to fight against prostitution and forced slavery. Apne Aap also gives the Indian women a platform where they can discuss their problems and also provides them with support to overcome it.


Sayfty is an organisation which mainly deals with rape. According to studies, in India, every twenty minutes a rape happens. Therefore Sayfty helps and teaches women self-defence where they can protect themselves. It helps women to live freely without any fear.

We thank all those organisations for the incredible work they are doing in India for women.


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