Problems of dating an oldie

Problems of dating an oldie

I must not start by saying love is blind because it indeed is! You might want to date and marry a guy who is courteous and charming but stepping in old waters is risky. There are several problems associated with dating an older man who is not just five or six years older than you but he is twice your age. If you are a 20 year old employee dating a 40 year old boss or a 19 year old student dating a 30 year old professor, here are the problems that will slap you right in the face.

  • It’s likely that the two of you may have completely different interests. If you like the north pole, he might be interested in the south pole of Antarctica! While you might be asking him to go clubbing with you, he might be interested in snooker.
  • The society will call you names. They will find it absurd and so will your friends. They will most probably be led to believe that you cannot find a man your age, therefore, you are clinging to an older person.
  • Wherever you go, you will be asked questions. Is he your dad? Or is he your brother? You will feel a little embarrassed but what about him? He will be downright humiliated!
  • He will be more advanced than you are. Not in terms of keeping up with trends or technology but in terms of sexual pleasures and intimacy. He will demand from you whereas you won’t be ready.
  • You cannot hang out with his friends and he won’t like yours. If you hang out with his friends, you are likely to exhaust with boredom. Yes! He will be boring and boring is not what we expect of a relationship.
  • He will not understand your problems. If there is a generation gap between you and your partner, he will dismiss your problems as childish. He is more experienced than you are but he will not understand you. Similarly, you will not understand his problems like constipation, diabetes etc.
  • You would love to listen to rap music and he will favor classical. A headache for both of you.
  • You will never know if he is already married or divorced. If he has a wife, he is toying with you, if he is divorced and is left with two kids, he will fortunately marry you but you will head the responsibility of managing his children.
  • He will be mindful of your behavior. He will act like a parent. He will tell you what to do and what not. He will give you 1000 word lectures on how to behave. It is terrifying!
  • If you really like a man Ten years older to you, consider this- you will give birth to kids at 32 while he will be 42. When you will be a woman high when 45, he will be 55. You will face a lot many problems. There won’t be scope for learning together.
  • If you are attracted to young men with young girlfriends, why not date them? You can go on a trip with your partner, your best friend and her boyfriend and everyone will go along pretty well. On the other hand, if you take your 44 year old boyfriend with you on the same trip, he will start feeling detached.
  • You shouldn’t be too hasty in deciding your future. When you are young, it is time for you to enjoy! You should not be burdened with his obesity problems. If you are not finding a man your age, why not chill with your girlfriends?


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