Monica Singh’s Shoe Style: VS2R

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VS2R. This is a mysterious name for an amazing brand! Behind these four mysterious letters two initials VS like Vincenzo Somarelli are hiding. He is the founder of this brand, and you can refer to him as fashion architect for art work heels.

What led him to fashion? Vincenzo Somarrelli was studying environmental engineering before starting a career in fashion. He studied at the European Institute of Design in Milan for 3 years. But Vincenzo Somarelli kept from his engineering background a fascination for architecture and especially for bridges and composite structures. He thinks it is interesting as it combines different materials like concrete, steel, wood and wants to do the same with shoes.  We can notice this influence with the carved heels wedge heel that look like a carousel circles.  It is the same with all the other shoes of his collection that combine bright colors and original material like metallic leather.


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