#Trend Alert: Doodle Junkie!

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Ever spend a while sitting in class doodling at the back of your notebook instead of really paying attention?
Ever thought your doodles would someday make a fashion statement? This month’s trend alert thrives on your scribbles!

Presenting “Doodle Junkie”


This is your time to stand out – bold and colorful and daring prints and splashes of colour – wear this around and be a walking piece of art.


If you can’t find these at stores yet – why wait? Grab some acrylic paint and some clothing you think it would look good on and get doodling!  (Use markers that are waterproof you don’t want your work fading away)
Too scared to take the leap and paint directly on clothes? Create your own patches by painting on canvas – cut them out and sew them on – you’re ready to rock.
Also note that there are patches available online in so many cool and funky patterns that you can sew on to your garments too!


Do lots of emojis. Who doesn’t love emojis?
They are fun and quirky and the embodiment of the trend and a perfect and accurate representation of how you feel and who you are – find emojis that best describe you and wear them!


Finally, in order to ensure you don’t look too outlandish – always remember to create a balance between simple pieces and your doodles masterpieces.  (Example: try a pair of jeans with your artistic patches sewed on with a plain white tee)

So go ah Doodle on.

Amy Suzanna

About Amy Suzanna

A passionate fashion enthusiast, currently pursuing her bachelors in fashion business in Mumbai, India.


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