How to use your negative emotions to do better in life?

Human beings are filled with all sorts of emotions. The positive as well as the negative.

How to use your negative emotions to do better in life?

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What reflects on your personality is determined by what kind of emotions you harness, consciously or unconsciously. If you let the negative emotions get the better of you, chances are you might just fall apart if you fail to use them to your advantage smartly. Here are a few ways in which you can do so and stay happy or enjoy positivity in your life.


Jealousy, fear and hatred are negative emotions. They are the root cause of all evil. The three combined can hinder your progress in life and root out all the energy from your being and keep you stagnant at a place rather than helping you grow and prosper. The worst scenario here is that you will often fall prey to these without even realising for they are so ingrained in us. As humans you will often find yourself giving in and hence follows, all the failures in life.


However, if you see the other side of the coin, these emotions can teach you more than what positive emotions can possibly do.



How to use your negative emotions to do better in life?

This is the commonest and the most dominant form of negative emotion given the fact that we are social beings and we will find someone doing better than us in some form or the other. It all starts with the comparisons we draw between people and ourselves. But conversely, you can see it as a fuel to fire your engine in life.


The malignant form of envy tends to be the harshest forms which makes you want to destroy someone better than you or enjoying better materialistic pleasures than you are. The benignant kind of envy makes you appreciate people and look up to them but at the same time, it makes you feel incomplete or lacking. However, rather than trying to bring someone else down or maligning someone’s image you tend to look for ways to elevate your position. Researchers have found that the latter helps you do much better in life.



How to use your negative emotions to do better in life?

This is an emotions that eats away into your plans. You tend to delay stuff which affects your career prospects. You doubt your capabilities and hence your progress suffers. However you  can still use it to your advantage by doing little things that are still significant but worth your attention and time. This in some way contributes to your work which is important by enriching you through your experiences. You might feel more stressful in the process but you can find yourself working faster and more productively under the pressure.



How to use your negative emotions to do better in life?

This is an emotion that slows your entire momentum. We fear losing things, losing ourselves or not making anything in this life at all. However, you can interpret it as something that can bring out all that you wish for, in fact, you can self- introspect. You might want to do so many things in life or find yourself at a much better situation. But do you know what’s holding you back? What kind of fears do you harness? You might be afraid of taking up a new project or associating yourself with people completely your opposite. What good does that do? You can question yourself only when you look at these from the fear perspective. If you are afraid of something, stop pulling yourself back. Go face it. The more you do, the more you realise how trivial they are.


Every emotion is malleable. You can bend it according to your prism of looking at things. So, head on and uproot these negative emotions. The positive you are, the better you are served in life.



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