Womennow in conversation with Kshitijj Sachdeva…

Womennow recently interviewed Kshitijj Sachdeva, the founder of the travel blog, The Indian Route.

Can you introduce yourself?

Womennow in conversation with travel blogger, Kshitijj Sachdeva...

Hi, I am Kshitijj Sachdeva. I am a crazy lost soul in this artistically complex universe.


Can you tell us when and why you launched the Indian route?

Womennow in conversation with travel blogger, Kshitijj Sachdeva...

Well, me and my two friends , Amol Singhh and Mukul Wadhwa were having a hard time pursuing something that we never wanted to. Some thought condescending our own soul that who we actually are. This search made us visit our own solitudes and travel. And we realised how traveling can unleash the power of human potential. And we launched The Indian Route on December 6th, 2015. I consider that date really lucky.


What is the meaning of travel in your life?

Womennow in conversation with travel blogger, Kshitijj Sachdeva...

Traveling is concatenating with unknown souls, first one ofcourse being yours. Traveling is something that brings you closer to yourself. Something that helps you to build a connect with the universe around you.


What philosophy did it teach you?

Traveling taught us three to be in the present moment and living it completely. It taught us how important sense of belongingness is. It taught us the power of vibes.


What was the most striking experience during your travels?

Womennow in conversation with travel blogger, Kshitijj Sachdeva...

There were many, but one of them that i’ll never forget was when we were completely broke , did not even have a penny, We managed to travel through hitch hiking. And people who literally helped us were the ones who had really less to give.


The most extraordinary person you met?

One of the extraordinary creature i met with an extraordinary smile:

Womennow in conversation with travel blogger, Kshitijj Sachdeva...

What would you like to share with our readers?

I ‘ d first like to congratulate you for the amazing effort that you are putting in. Afterall, empowered women empower women. The Indian Route instagram handle contains the pictures taken up by the most enthusiastic and creative travelers across India. They travel, they express, they laugh , they live. And that is something i’d like everyone to do. We are the ones who can make this world a better place to live. And that can just happen if you get out of your laptops and get into the real life connection. So just , Believe in energies, Create adorable vibes and travel to connect. You’ll see how your life changes.


Check out more pictures on Instagram: kshitijjsachdeva





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