10 Adorable Things To Add To Your Couple Bucket List

Everyone has dreamt a few things that they really want to do with their other half. Thanks to the sappy romantic movies that put these ideas into our minds. It is never too late to have fun. Doesn’t matter whether you have been married a decade ago or you have started dating just a few months back. There’s just this little things you do with each other that can make your whole day special. Well, you are always going to have to worry about one or the other thing like saving for your house or settling down in one place or any other. But you have to dive into fun and adventurous things too because YOLO! (You Only Live Once J )

10 Adorable Things To Add To Your Couple Bucket List

Do you have wishes that you want to fulfill with your SO? If not then don’t worry we are going to help you to make a list of few things that you absolutely need to be in your couple bucket list. So here are a few things that should have a place in your bucket list depending on what you and your partner likes or loves to do.

Write To Each Other

Love letters were fun. But now people no longer write letters to each other. Back then where letters were the only way to stay in contact other than landline phones, of course, couples used to pour their feelings into the letter. One benefit that letter has is that you can literally write everything. So it’s about time you return to old school and write a cheesy intense love letter to your partner, seal it with a kiss and send it to him/her. Love letters are physical memories just like gifts that last life time and have a personal touch to them.


Cook Food Together

You do not always have to plan a candle light dinner date for your other half each time. Sometimes you can keep it simple and comfy. You can just plan to cook food together and have a movie marathon at the end. Food and love have been linked throughout history. There’s nothing that can beat a date where you both are dressed in your comfy PJs, wearing an apron and cooking something you both love to eat. It doesn’t matter if one of you does not know cooking. Throw in a few sneaky kisses, intriguing conversations and intimate touches and that’s the recipe for the best date.


Get A Couple Spa Or Massage

This can also be an anniversary present for the other person or something you just want to do with each other. Spas are the most soothing and calming experience where you get the luxury of just sitting and enjoying the treatment. Couple spas or massages are even better because you get to lay beside each other while a massage in the most soothing environment. If you are hesitant about full body massage then you can definitely go for a foot spa.

There’s even more intimate thing that can be added to your couple list and that is giving massage to your other half. This will be such an erotic experience for both of you.


Adventure Filled Day

10 Adorable Things To Add To Your Couple Bucket List

Well, not everyone wants to go on the romantic lane all the time so you can opt to do something adventurous instead. There are so many things you can do when it comes to adventures. You can go to theme parks or you can also go to fairs and have fun. You can also go for go karting, bungee jumping or ice skating etc. Plan something that will hike your adrenaline and thrill your partner as well.

Ditch The Techno Gadgets For A Day

It’s like going for a technology detox with your bae. It is much-needed therapy for a couple. You might not be addicted to your phone but still, you need to give this detox a go because it gives you time with your beloved one without any distraction. So just for a day ditch all the devices like phone, notepad, laptop etc. Spend time with each other or plan a picnic and have fun but just don’t use techno devices.

Go On A Road Trip

10 Adorable Things To Add To Your Couple Bucket List

So what if you are not a bachelor anymore? You can still have road trips. I feel this is a must because time away on a car with your other half is so amazing. You finally get to have some peace and time with each other. The more spontaneous it is, much better. If you are more of an adrenaline junkie then throw in some clothes, pack your bag pack, get behind the wheel and drive wherever you both feel like. But if you are a planner, then plan the route and visit some awesome places that you always wanted to.

Watch Movie At A Drive In Theatre

Have you seen the movies in which they show the couple goes to watch the movie in an open space under the open sky? That’s what I am talking about. It is something that’s appealing about it. Lying under an open sky, while watching some romantic movie and getting cozy in the arms of your partner is so appealing, isn’t it? So this definitely deserves a place in the couple bucket list.

Spend A Night On Beach

10 Adorable Things To Add To Your Couple Bucket List

This is definitely going to make you say ‘Aww’. The sounds of water nearby while you spend the night together might be the best way to spend your time together. I know, you might be wondering about how the crabs and other animals are going to crawl up on you but you don’t have to plan it that way. There are several hotels that provide you this facility. You can get in contact with them and surprise your bae with it.

Go On A Double Date

Sure, this is a couple bucket list but including another couple in it will make it more fun (and no this was definitely not a sexual innuendo). You can enjoy a date with your other half just fine but if you have another couple whose company you seem to enjoy then it will be so much more fun. Finding double date friends who enjoy same things as you is not easy but if you find someone then make sure to plan things with them.

Make Up Your Own Tradition

You can’t be with each other all the times and sometimes you might just be busy with your work life to make time for new things. That’s why it is a nice thing to have your own tradition. And as this becomes a routine thing you automatically adjust your schedule as per it. Create something of your own like going to weekly dinner or visiting temple once a week or having a movie marathon once a month or something like that. These traditions are a lovely way to spend time with each other.

I hope some of these made it to your own bucket list and if they did then do not forget to mention them below. If you also have some new ones to add to this list then be our guest and mention it in the comment section.