10 Awkward things about being official with a new guy!

So ultimately you have this feeling that the love of your life has arrived and this is it and that you need the entire world to know that he is ‘the one’ for you. You are spiking with positive energies and you are fully enthusiastic about going public about your relationship with him. Amidst all the excitement and joy, there are numerous tussle that goes around while being official with a new guy. Here is an article that you need to pay attention to before you officially make the announcement.

10 Awkward things about being official with a new guy!


You are clueless what to tell people about him

You both have gone on a couple of dates and they have turned out to be super amazing which is obviously the reason why you think that he is the perfect one for you. Your best friend knows about everything that has been going between the two of you since day one and she definitely deserves to know your existing position  but your dating journey is a bit skeptical as you have no idea if this is the right time to reveal about it.


You have a fear that your hopes will shatter, again

Taking lessons from your past, you are fearing that you will end up in the same vicious circle where in the beginning there are flowers and cuddles but as time passes and the honeymoon period comes to an end, the spark begins to fade away and you realize that he is nothing unlike the other men you have dated and been disappointed. The fright of raising your expectations and  ending up feeling like a fool is something you just aren’t looking for at this point in time, so that convinces you to halt the urge of making it official.


There is a side of you that is stopping you

There is an undying excitement to tell the world about him but still there are walls that need to be brought down. There is a part of you that is telling you to be in the moment and proceed with the idea of declaring him as ‘the one’ and enjoy all the love. But you have this other part that is telling you that something will happen that will screw everything and you are going to regret this decision.


You are not really his girlfriend

10 Awkward things about being official with a new guy!

Now here is some real life problem that gets us all crazy and haywire. You guys have been meeting every other day, there is care and obligation, there is everything that is enough to endorse you two as girlfriend and boyfriend. But still you are not his girlfriend. You have been cooking him dinner and showing up on all his special occasions but still there is no confirmation or approach from him side to label it as a ‘relationship’ finally.


You think you are moving way too fast

Making it public also gets you a feeling that you are moving too fast. You are confused whether you need to devote more time in getting to know him or should you be taking things a step ahead and making the announcement. There is an aura of confusion that surrounds you as there never really is a prescription for time that comes along with relationships and dating.


You are not sure about your relationship status

10 Awkward things about being official with a new guy!

You think you guys are dating but yet you see that you are free on your weekends, you are doing things on your own and in the simplest of words, living like a single woman. Is that probably what you are? Maybe? You are not sure what your relationship status is. Whether you are single, dating someone or in a relationship.


You have headaches about a few important things

You do not hesitate from including him in your plans and all your friends and colleagues are aware about his presence in your life. But he doesn’t accompany you to any of his get together or his outings with his peers. He hasn’t so far taken any initiative to introduce you to his family or friends which gives you a feeling that you are left out. That’s because you are being left out. Right? When you see that there is no solid effort from his side  to make you a part of his life, whereas as you are planning to go places with him, you feel like a nobody. It is always better to dig a little deep and find out what he feels about you than ruining things in future.


You feel like something is missing

10 Awkward things about being official with a new guy!

He is just not that into you as much as you are into him. Hence, even if there are a lot of special moments you guys share, you still feel something is missing. This feeling makes you apprehensive about the idea of going official with this new guy as you have your inhibitions of getting turned down in the coming time and you don’t want to screw yourself at emotional levels.


You still envy other couples

You see that you still feel jealous when you see other couples. There is a greed inside you that wants you to be like them or accomplish things like other couples do. Even after saying that you are dating this guy, there is a feeling of resentment that the romance or flicker isn’t enough to feel fulfilled and complete.



You still haven’t had ‘The Talk’ with him

Neither have you or nor has he attempted to have ‘the talk’ with each other. You haven’t had it because you are a bit frightened of things getting turned the other way and your expectations lapsing. He not taking the initiative could be broken down to many reasons. For instance, maybe he wants you to understand on your own that he doesn’t want to be with you, or he is not sure about you so far, or that he needs you both to spend more time before going into a relationship.


So these are ten awkward things that you will relate to if you have been thinking of making it official about the new guy in your life. Reconsider the idea of making it official if you are going through such kind of clumsiness. There is high voltage risk involved if there is uncertainty and  no clarity between the two of you.  You will end up being a green monster filled with envy for other couples in your clan and in no time you will have regrets, guilt and what not. So, introspect, have discussion with him and keep things cut to cut before you make things public. Because once you do that there will be plenty of questions showered at you and some people might even start pin pointing at things that may be frizzy. To overcome all of that and stand still and have stability, you both need to be sure of each other.

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