10 body language signs that she is into you

There are so many non-verbal cues women give, unintentionally, perhaps intentionally, to give out the message; that they are attracted to you. If you are completely dumb to not decipher these little codes, you’ve lost her!

10 body language signs that she is into you

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But as always, it’s never too late for anything. We are going to teach you tricks to understand the signals she is giving out.

Here are 10 body language signs she is into you.

1.Steady eye contact

If she locks her eyes with yours way too often while you are talking, she is into you. However, if her eyes keep wandering here and there, you are not that attractive to her. Also, when you are looking at her and she looks back at you for only a second, she is shy or not interested. But if she maintains steady eye contact for more than three seconds, get the signal boy!

2.Crossing and uncrossing of legs

A disinterested woman will keep her legs firmly pressed as if she does not want to invade her privacy. It is an indicator of rejection and sexual protection. If on the contrary, she crosses and uncrosses her legs, she is into you and she wants you to notice how attractive she is!

3.Head movements

10 body language signs that she is into you

If she tilts her head, touches her neck and flips her hair, she wants your attention.


Psychology has it! When you are mirroring a person’s body movements whom you are talking to, then you have built a rapport with him. Same goes for girls. If she leans in when you lean in, if she eats when you eat, then most probably, she is attracted to you.


Have you seen a girl closing in the distance between you while you are flirting with her? If yes, she was physically attracted to you. But, if she is trying to widen the gap between the two of you, it’s time that you go home and find someone else to flirt with!

6.Straight back or curved back?

When a woman stands tall with a straight posture, her breasts are enhanced. This she does, subconsciously or sometimes consciously to invite you to flirt with her. If her position, on the other hand, is slouched, she is not interested.

7.Position of her feet

When a woman sitting across from you have both her feet pointing towards you, she is attracted to you. I don’t know if it holds true but scientists who study nonverbal communication and body language are of the opinion that this is a subconscious reaction that occurs when one finds something or someone attractive. If her feet are pointing somewhere away from you, be careful when you make your move.


10 body language signs that she is into you

Lips show the signs a woman is attracted to you sexually. When you date a girl, observe her lips. If she smiles, irrespective of you being funny, she is drawing your attention to her mouth. Lips are a means of sexual pleasure so if she is biting her lower lip or licking them, she is sexually attracted to you.

9.Giggle giggle giggle

If a woman giggles, she wants you to know she is enjoying the time and having fun. Giggling is a prominent characteristic of youth so if she is giggling, signs she wants you to notice how feminine she is. Plus point is, eye contact. When she does both together, man! You better make your move quickly.

10.That touch

A clear indication of attraction is touch. If she accidentally lets her hand brush yours, she is letting you know that she finds you attractive. One more issue important to discuss here is fidgeting. Almost all girls you date with fidget with their hands. They will touch their jewelry, play with their hair, or do something with their drink. This means she is darn nervous and nervousness indicates attraction. Watch out, guys!



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