10 Common traits of an alpha woman!

In the fast paced world that is driven by stereotypes existing in our society, a woman is always considered as fragile, weak and submissive. But all such viewpoints are strictly questioned when women in today’s age prove to be otherwise. They have outgrown with their achievement and success in life and it is absolutely ruthless to tag them with such adjectives anymore. In this article, we will precisely talk about what character traits are shared by an ‘alpha woman’. We often have heard the term ‘alpha’ associating with both men and women but let us learn what it is and how ‘alpha’ women are different from the rest of the crowd.

10 Common traits of an alpha woman!



They are damn ambitious

Ambition runs in their DNA and they thrive for success in their lives. They believe in taking responsibility and working day in and day out to achieve their goals. The only way they know to fulfill their ambitions is through hard work and passion. They dislike being passive and putting the blame on others and they know that only if they themself decide to do something, can something be done.



They are extremely loyal

They like keeping things under control and if they see things slipping out of their hands, they become weary and quickly take charge of the situation. The respect and care they have for their loved ones is unmatched and they believe in giving their total loyalty to them. They don’t like taking shortcuts in their relationship with people that matter to them. They will willingly travel an extra mile just to keep them happy. The loyalty in them can never be questioned as they like keeping things happy around their loved ones. They will make sure that they are not causing any kind of trouble to them and will always act credibly.



They make the first move

10 Common traits of an alpha woman!

A woman making the first move is not always a common sight. Many people discourage it as well as they have an opinion that caters to the idea of men making the first moves. But what is wrong with women making the first move? I think it’s extremely sexy and clearly depicts the confidence in a woman. One of the kickass traits of an alpha woman is that she is never afraid to make the first move. She won’t sulk in and wait a lifetime for the man to come and approach her. Instead, she will move her feet and go get things done for her. Be it relationship or career or any other area of life, she is a go getter and like routing things at her footstep. This is why she is never terrified to make the first move.



They are not afraid to fail


The only feeling that stops us from doing certain things is the fear of failure that resides in us. We are always anticipating about the things that can go wrong if we attempt to try something. And with this feeling captivating us, we never make an effort towards it. An alpha woman is not somebody who is scared of failure. She will try and take each experience that she wants to and if things go wrong, she will take the lesson and try it again until she succeeds. Failure is a thing that she considers to be very fruitful for self-awareness and knowledge and hence, she treats failure with a lot of grace.



They are independent


Alpha women love to be liberated. They don’t like to be hooked on to others for their things and hence, they are independent.  Alpha women are capable of handling their own life and are empowered. Dependency is something they hate and if they are dependent on someone for something, they get uncomfortable. They are themselves a fix for their problems and rely on their inner conscience for decision making. They are capable of taking care of their emotional as well as physical being.  This in no sense means that they don’t lean on anyone at all; it just means that it is their own choice.



They are master of love

10 Common traits of an alpha woman!


If there is anyone that you need to call for some veracious tips on love, they are the ones. They are strong hearted and they know how to love. If you are in a relationship with an alpha woman, getting reading for some self- discovery as she will bring out the best in you. She will make sure that the climate of your relationship is always calm and romantic. Alpha women don’t like leading a mediocre life, they believe that they deserve the best and they work towards it. This clearly respect in their relationship with people, as they will always make sure that your relationship with them is not anyway close to mediocre but the best.



They have a purpose in life

They live with a strong purpose in their mind. While there are times when they just like to sit back and relax, they are well equipped with their schedule that keeps them productive throughout the day. They do not like wasting time and are firm believers that time is the most precious thing in life. They are goal oriented and will always work hard to achieve something. Whether it is doing well in their careers or working towards a fitter body, they will always have a purpose in life. Dating an alpha female, you can always be sure that that she will put in extra efforts to make sure you two are happy and content.



They are brave hearts


Brave hearts are people who courageously fight and struggle for their rights and dreams and hence, an alpha female owns the definition of it. Their daring and bold attitude towards life is the key to their success. They are not terrified of anything and they know how to keep things in their control. They will stand and fight until the end but will never turn their back towards a situation that challenges them. They will never give up on something until and unless they rule it and figure things out for themselves.



They act as a motivation for others

10 Common traits of an alpha woman!


People look up to them. Their lifestyle, their attitude, their perspective towards life is a motivational factor for people around them. People approach them for help and count on their advices to improve in life. Alpha women are females who lead an inspiring life. It could be the smallest of things, like feeding a stray dog or helping a blind man cross the road, but their actions are unique and motivating in nature. Therefore, they encourage positive changes in others and like to initiate change and transformation in the surroundings they live in.



They believe in equality


You have to watch them to see what equality looks like. They don’t mind giving up their seat in a metro to a man of the same age or they do not believe in ‘ladies first’. They treat men, women and others equally as they believe that everyone should be given equal opportunities. They will never extract profits from the ‘woman’ tag that they can use in various situations to get their work done quickly. With all grace and dignity, they will wait for their turn and prospect to put their show forward.


So, these were ten common traits of an alpha woman. If you feel that you have always wanted to acquire such traits, the you should draw some inspiration from the article and work towards it.

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