10 essentials to have before a baby’s birth

Advice for expecting moms, here are the must-haves to stack up before their baby arrives home.

You must have read books on what to expect when you’re pregnant from cover to cover, and already have decorated the baby room with flourish. But have you made a list of the most essential items you will need when the baby comes home? Read this list of the top absolute must-haves.

1. Crib
Find a crib with a mattress and crib sheets that are fitted. Look for one that is comfortable and secure enough to hold a bonny baby.


2. Bouncy seat
A bouncy seat is required since you won’t be able to put your baby in her crib every time you go over to the kitchen to cook, or the bathroom to the do laundry. Find a simple and regular sized model for the newborn. Bouncy seats are mobile so you can even bring one into the bathroom while taking a shower.

3. Formula
Irrespective of whether you are breastfeeding or bottle-feeding your baby, keep a few cans of milk-based formula handy in the kitchen cabinet for emergencies – like delays getting home from an errand. Before you stock up, though, make sure the brand suits your newborn.

4. Feeding bottles
You don’t need many if you are nursing the infant yourself. Otherwise, you will need about 10 bottles a day. This number sounds bloated since you could consider washing and reusing the bottles. However, having a few extras will save you the time taken to wash them frequently. Pick full-size bottles since the baby will grow out of tiny ones pretty soon.


5. Diapers
Decide whether you want to use disposable diapers or cloth. With cloth, have a set of 24 in the beginning. As for disposable diapers, get a pack of newborn size and two packs of size one.

6. New car seat
This one’s for car owners, of course. Put the baby car seat at the top of your priority list since hospital staff is usually not allowed to let you drive out without one.

7. Digital thermometer
Since babies can’t mouth their unease, it is important to be able to take your newborn’s temperature. If you infant’s fever gets serious, it could spell trouble. Get a basic digital thermometer that you can use rectally.


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8. Breast pump
Using a breast pump to fill bottles takes the pressure off you so your husband – or parents – can feed the child when you are busy. If you are nursing the child, have one ready when you get home from the hospital.


9. Diaper rash cream
Diaper rash is a common problem with most newborns. If you don’t have enough time to go to the supermarket, use petroleum jelly.


10. Maxi-pads
This one’s for new mothers. Pick up two packages of ultra-absorbent maxi-pads for the post-delivery period. The locia discharge slows down in two or three weeks, so get a box of panty liners too.