10 Facts You Should Know About A Libra Before You Date One

Libra, the seventh sign is the zodiac which is represented by the sign of scales. It is obvious that they are really well balanced, because duh, Scales! The Libra is ruled by Venus and that’s the reason why Libra has the qualities of sensuality, love, affection and beauty. Just like all the other signs Libra has some qualities which are not all so appealing. But trust me, if you have ever met a Libra man or woman then you’ll know it is hard not to fall for a Libra.

10 Facts You Should Know About A Libra Before You Date One

A Libra man or woman needs harmony and peace in all areas of their life. They thrive on it. (well, scales is their sign for a reason) They also seek justice. Fiercely loyal, Libra appreciates the beauty and love. You’ll see them chasing love and beauty all the times. Uh huh, don’t get the wrong notion. They are definitely not womanizers. Although they might seem to be on the surface, there’s so much you do not know about them. So don’t judge them from the surface, try to know what’s underneath.

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#Known To Be Charmers

The reason why people call a Libra as a womanizer is because of this. They are charmers by nature. Some also like to call it is flirting. They are a ‘people person’ and they can win over a lot of people easily. They are also really good at courting someone. They are die-hard romantic at heart and they know how to woo someone. They are good at communication so you’ll never be bored in their company. Even they like being complimented they are pretty intuitive and can smell a lie and flattery from far away. As long as you are clear with this she or he’s going to be on their best behavior.

#Can Be Fickle Minded

Yep, a Libra can have the most difficult time making even the smallest decisions. They are very indecisive. They want to be right and for that, they weigh the pros and cons way too many times. It might get frustrating for others but they are like this in every decision. In most possible cases, they instantly regret the decision they made. But a plus point of this nature is that they are really analytical about things. They look at all the sides before taking a decision. But they are also known to overdo it.

#Great Communicators/ Mediators/ Listeners


10 Facts You Should Know About A Libra Before You Date One

Whatever you like to name it, they are all the three. People around them always come to them when they want someone to listen to them because listening is their forte and we already know they are seekers of justice. They are sympathetic and that’s why they always offer their ear to anyone who wants one.

They are really good communicators and that’s why when in a relationship they will try everything they can to solve the issue when you are faced with one. They will talk things through rather than giving you the silent treatment. They won’t mind apologizing first either.

#Highly Attracted To Generosity

One thing that has to be really appreciated about a Libra is that they are generous and kind people. They are also hugely attracted to people who are generous. They want to help everyone and maintain the harmony and peace in the environment. If you ever want to attract a Libra then you can’t be selfish. If you are selfish, a Libra will try and stay away from you. You’ll be on the receiving end of the generosity of libra only when you prove to be a kind and selfless person.

#Can Hold A Grudge For Long

Libra is generally a peacemaker. They are never the ones to get into fights. Even you ever make them angry they are not often known to throw a fit. But everyone gets angry and there is one or another way by which they display this anger. Libra holds a grudge against you forever or until they let it go. They will give you a chance of course because they are really kind that way. But if you do not make it up to them then they are going to hold a grudge against you, like literally. They also remember things for too long and never forget the ones who did wrong with them.


#Rarely Loses Temper

10 Facts You Should Know About A Libra Before You Date One

A Libra is really cool. They have a really easy going personality. They let go of things really easily. They also use a very laid back approach when it comes to confrontation. They are really cool and don’t let things bother them so easily.  Even if they get angry with you they’ll never let it out on you. Yes, it is a good quality but sometimes people feel annoyed when they are unresponsive and do not take actions faster. They just don’t like confrontations and they’ll use every escape to get away from confrontations.


#Loves Adventure And Challenges

Always with a calm exterior, Libra can be really adventurous. They love it when people challenge them and they take it seriously. They are ready to do new things in life. If you are in the company of a Libra then you are sure to have a fun-filled adventurous time. And if you want to impress them then plan an adventure filled trip and you’ll win them over.

They not only like new things and adventures generally, they also like them in bed. They love trying new things in bed and they enjoy it thoroughly.


#Libra Hates Being Alone

Libra is always found in the company of people. They are really social and love interacting with people. They can’t stand the thought of being alone. They don’t mind spending time alone but they just don’t like it. They like it when they are with their close ones.



Libra like the things to be in a specific way and they do them exactly the way they want to. They don’t compromise on it. They follow particular principles and they’ll never change their ways. They don’t like it when people use shortcuts to do things.


#A Hopeless Romantic And Sensitive

Libra is known to be ruled by Venus and that’s why they are really sensual and romantic. You can’t easily impress them but when you do, you are going to love being in love with them. Libra men can be both masculine and sensitive and Libra women are intuitive and really romantic. They are driven by feelings and are the ones who love to be courted. They will also go all the way for love.


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