8 Facts on sexual attraction

 10 facts on sexual attraction

Even before love blossoms between two individuals, it is sexual attraction that determines the course your relationship will take. But, what is it that gets us sexually attracted to someone? Although traits that lure us to a person varies depending on our personalities, there are certain general facts that determine who we will be sexually attracted to. These can be biological or psychological factors. But scientists have found out ten facts that determine who were are sexually inclined to: Here is all you need to know.


  • Sexual attraction is generally determined by who is interested in us/ who likes us.


In a study conducted across heterosexual individuals, both males and females were asked to rate pictures as to who is more sexually attractive. Among these pictures were photos of the individuals themselves photoshopped into the other sex. It was found that participants liked their own pictures the most!

  • Although weird, we tend to like people who bear resemblances of your own parents.

10 facts on sexual attraction

Yes, studies conducted prove that those of us who are born to older parents are sexually attracted to older partners as well.

  • If you are already in a state where you are aroused psychologically, having an elevated desire already; you tend to like the new person you meet.

10 facts on sexual attraction

You attribute your arousal to the one who you met and ignore the true cause of your attraction. Accumulated desires over a period of time causes you to fall for the person.

  • Studies also prove that people in a drunk state tend to get attracted to a stranger, than those who are not.

10 facts on sexual attraction

Alcohol has a huge effect on how we see ourselves as well as others. This is generally referred to as “beer goggles”. The higher your drunkenness is, the more sexually attracted you are to the stranger or vice versa.

  • This is quite a common psychological behaviour that things which are difficult to get are more attractive than those easily available.

Those who aren’t easily available rate higher in attractive qualities. This stands true for those who you are looking to have a serious relationship with. With regard to casual sex, this might make it difficult for you. As people interested in the same do not wish to have an emotional bond with the stranger, rather seek immediate satisfaction of their desires.

  • Attraction involves and interplay of all our sense organs.

This means not just should our visual perception be satisfied but also our sense of taste, smell and touch. In short, how you look is just one side of the story. Rather, you should also smell heavenly and taste good!

  • Heterosexual males find women wearing red more attractive than those in other colours.

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The science behind this being, sexual arousal reddens or makes women bodies pink. Their bodies tend to have a “pinkish flush” when passion heightens. Wearing red when you are most fertile can work in your favour, in case, you wish to reproduce.

  • Women at the peak of their fertile periods will find muscular men with deep huskier voices more attractive.

That is, they find “manlier men” more sexually attractive.

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