10 Feminist ways to keep your man interested

Finding ways to keep a guy interested to your feminist self doesn’t have to be a great challenge, when you have found a man you are interested in keeping, you will know it.

10 Feminist ways to keep your man interested


Typically men want instant gratification and it’s hard to know exactly what they want from us.To keep a guy interested in you, you just need to remember a few tips to keep his interest aroused and his desire in you peaked.But we’re trying to say is, you can totally be a feminist while working your way into a relationship and to keep your man interested.


Be You


The first thing you need to do is be true to yourself. So be yourself. It’s such a vague adage. What does it really mean, to be yourself? It’s very simple,just be who you are.No need to fake it out. Remember, he fell in love with you. So, be the girl he fell head over heels for. Don’t be pretentious.They need to know that the you they know is the real you.


Accept him as he is


Don’t find out his flaws and expect him to change for you. Let his changes occur on his terms. Accept your man as he is and adjust yourself to better be able to manage your relationship. Perhaps adopting an attitude that is accepting and welcoming to him as he naturally is will bode well for you and your relationship.


Be supportive

10 Feminist ways to keep your man interested

The most important way to keep him interested is to show your support and concern for him.Encourage him with his goals and future plans.

Remind him of the good times.Cheer up his mood doing weird things.Realize how amazing he is and that his hard work isn’t going unnoticed.People always think that we women are the ones that need support, but guys need it too.


Be willing to initiate sex


Men equate sex with desirability.They don’t always want to be the one asking for it.Help him feel adequate and  desired by expressing his love in a physical way.Initiate sex at least some of the time.Ask him about his fantasies. Be open about what he can do to please you sexually.Encourage him when he does something good. You’ll create memories that both of you can enjoy and ones that he definitely won’t forget.


Have conversations


Being a great conversationalist is useful at any stage of a relationship, and is essential in maintaining his interest. Guys definitely want a girl that looks good, but they also want a girl to communicate with. Learn how to engage in meaningful conversations and you’ll easily keep his interest.After a few dates, you will almost certainly have picked up on a few topics that he is especially interested in. By demonstrating your interest in him,he will be extremely flattered. By allowing her to discuss things he is passionate about, you will virtually guarantee that he is having a good time, consequently encouraging her to repeat the experience with you.


Be at your best

10 Feminist ways to keep your man interested

Looks aren’t everything.It’s hard to accept but is true.Show your best attitude,your personality.But it seems like a step backwards in feminist movement to tell you to look nice for your man.But  all I am saying is take a pride in your nature.


Surprise him


Surprises are one of the most effective ways in which you can ensure that your guy remains interested in you.Guys too like surprises.So to shake things up keep doing  the fresh and unexpected. Depending on what your man loves, come up with your own surprise.Be creative.Create a music video of his favorite song for him.Ask him for his favorite breakfast.Spend an entire day anticipating his wants.This will blow his mind!


Make the plans

10 Feminist ways to keep your man interested

Making plans for you both is a great way to keep him interested.It’s the best way to show him your creative side. By doing this, you will keep his interest in you high, because he won’t have expected this lot from you. Men crave excitement.He will love you for it.


Prioritize your relationship


One of the most common complaints of couples is that one of the partners feels that he is not important,– it’s pushed aside by work or kids or whatever…This may occur sometimes unwilling.So prioritize your relationship over everything else. This is the relationship you want to last for all your life. Other things in your life will fade away, but the relationship with your man will still be there forever.


Give him space to live his own life


In order to ensure that a guy remains interested in you,you have to let him have a life of his own.Give him his own space If you think that calling or texting him 24×7 is going to be conducive to your relationship, then you are gravely wrong.  Ensure that you give him room to miss you.This way, he will want to pursue you all over again.


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