10 Gifts Never To Give Your Partner

Gifts are the token of your love and respect for the person whom you are gifting. For obvious reason, you always love to select a gift that should please your near and dear ones. There are plenty of gift options, but all gifts are not apt for presenting.

10 Gifts Never To Give Your Partner

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Before selecting a gift for your partner, take a quick look at the suggestions mentioned here. These 10 gifts you should not really try for. There is a high chance that instead of loving the gifts, your partner will prefer to break the tie…who knows!


  • Gym Equipment

10 Gifts Never To Give Your Partner

If your partner is not the replica of Salmon Khan, do not ever select a gift for him in this niche. We are sure that he will hate to bring his gym at home!


  • Cleaning Gadget

10 Gifts Never To Give Your Partner

No matter if your partner is a cleaning freak and loves keeping his room tidy always, never present him cleaning tools. For some unknown reason, men do not love to get work tools as gifts.


  • Don’t Buy Him a Kitchen Gadget

10 Gifts Never To Give Your Partner

The man you love may love cooking sometime or you. But if you present him a cooking gadget, he will not like it for sure. It will remind him that once he may need to cook! I can swear that he will not cherish the apprehension.


  •  Don’t Try For Jeans

10 Gifts Never To Give Your Partner

Men love to wear jeans, but for some unidentified intention they love to buy it by their own. If you want to present him clothing, you can buy a tee or formals! But, be alert!

Never buy a tee that will be tight fitting. Men hate wearing tights…God knows why!


  • Don’t Buy Artwork

10 Gifts Never To Give Your Partner

Men and artwork…hardly go hand in hand. Unless he is an avid lover of art, don’t purchase paintings for him. Mostly he will find it boring.


  • Don’t Gift Him a Pet

10 Gifts Never To Give Your Partner

Unless he is an avid pet lover, do not take the risk of gifting him a pet. A pet is obviously the stress buster and a mine of love and attraction, but he may not love to take the extra responsibility after his office hours.

Men hate taking responsibility all together!


  • Membership for Health Club

10 Gifts Never To Give Your Partner

Never mind about the health club, its facility and ambiance! Men will be men only! Hardly your partner will like the plan to attend club for some healthy workout. All your money will go in vain and you will feel frustrated, and what you have thought an ideal gift will be dumped under newspaper piles.


  • Don’t Frame Your Picture

10 Gifts Never To Give Your Partner

No matter how ardently he loves you, he will not love your framed photo for sure! Yes, you can frame a duel snap or a family photo! Men usually don’t like photos being gifted to them. Why? Perhaps God can predict.


  • Cheap Perfume

10 Gifts Never To Give Your Partner

Never ever try presenting a cheap perfume. It will be an ideal gift to spoil your love affair. Some of these perfumes are sold with cheap bottles, which make the prospect worse more.


  • Video Games

10 Gifts Never To Give Your Partner

Don’t pave your path of getting an irregular response. Your partner will love to try the game and will not call you for hours. Not only that, this addictive video game will keep him more self-centered.


The Verdict:

These are some of the gifts where you should not waste your money and concern for the person you have loved so far. Better to gift him your love, time and priority! This is a gift that keeps a relation lively; do you further need to select a gift him more?


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