10 Habits That Are Ruining Your Hair


It’s time you need to consider which habits of yours are turning into bad hair days, in case you have tried every possible thing to bring back your hair to life.

    • Most hair experts ask you to lather your hair as minimally as you can. But try not getting all to easy with your dry hair shampoo. The products that build up on your hair shafts can attract all the dirt that your hair is exposed to and ultimately grease up your hair and give you a volume- less appearance. Rather, try shampooing every three days in a week.
    • Your hair tends to be really weak just after a shower. Refrain from brushing up or combing when it is wet. Instead, detangle the knots with a wide toothed comb or let it dry before you comb through. Brush them by dividing into sections so that you reduce the tension on the strands of your hair.

  • If you are running late, you might be tempted to blow dry your hair. Blow dry only after your hair has dried out at least 90 percent. Try and squeeze out the wetness with a towel and air dry before blow drying.
  • Check your comb or brushes before buying them. Brush the tooth of your comb on the inside of your arm. If you see scratches or if it hurts your skin, it will also harm your hair. Gentler tips of the brush will ensure a smoother way to detangle and set your hair.
  • Straightening your hair with a flat iron can do serious damage to your hair. Always consider using a serum and hair protecting spray before you iron out your hair to ensure minimum damage.
  • Do not be too generous with your serum. Too much can weigh down your hair and dry them out over time. Just a few drops are enough for the silkier effect.
  • Tight ponytails or braids for a longer period of time can increase the tension on your hairline and cause breakage. You might notice spot balding or receding of your hair line with time.
  • Abstain from frequently colouring your hair. Chemically treated hair looks dry and damaged. In order to protect the colour, use a shampoo that is specifically designed to protect your hair colour.
  • Clean your comb frequently. You do not want to end up with an infection on your scalp as a result of the germs that accumulate on unwashed combs. Wash them twice a month with a little baking soda dissolved in water. Baking soda will clean out oil built up on used combs.
  • Trim half inch of your hair at least once in three months. Split ends spread to the entire shaft and cause dead ends which give a damaged appearance.

Anushree Ghosh

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