10 Hair Colors to Inspire You Spring 2016

Now that the winter is almost over why not make some changes to your hair color this spring? According to the celebrity hair colorist Marie Robinson, this spring is all about lighter and natural shades.

If you were not so keen on coloring your hair till now, you should try these natural shades now, as it just adds a little shine to your original hair colors.

Golden Blonde

If you always wanted golden blonde shade, this is the time for you to change your hair color as it is in this season. Your natural hair color will still be visible at the base of your hairs. If you want this hair color just ask your stylist to create a golden base and top it with some high and low lights to add different dimensions.

Warm Black-Brown

If you want to go for a darker shade, try something that resembles your natural hair color. The black base with a super soft touch of brown is what you would want to try this year

Fiery Red

This fiery red is your hair color if you are the bold one. Don’t hesitate to ask your stylist for this hair color as this color is quite trendy these days. Ask your colorist to add a pinch of lighter shades every on and then of golden

Multidimensional Creamy Blonde

If you are a natural blonde try this hair color. Add some hints of creamy blonde highlights to give it a good contrast.

Soft Black

Avoid using a darker shade of black as it looks quite unnatural and inky. Instead, go for a soft black color

Strawberry Blonde

Here, the base of the hair is red and is topped with some strips of natural blonder color. This gives the hair an overall soft and sensuous look.

Tawny Blonde

Ask your stylist to give you a light brown base and top it off with some natural looking caramel highlights. Also, make sure the highlights are all the way up to the roots and that they are evenly spread and mixed

Deep, deep Dark Brown

Try this hair color if you are a natural brunette. Only add two shades darker to your natural hair color.

Honey Golden

If your natural hair color is light, then this color is for you. Add some honey-colored highlights to your blonde base, but do not add the golden highlights till the roots. Allow some natural base to show off.

Caramel Brown

If you are a natural brunette and don’t want to change this shade, ask your hair colorist to add some hints of caramel brown in your hair end and around your face.

Remember to pick the color that would enhance your charm and will complement your skin tone. A wrong choice will ruin looks and have a negative impact, therefore you have to be careful. Also pick the right brand for your hair type. Straight hair that do not have excessive oil generally get the color by any dye.  You may consult a hair specialist before going for a dye.


Here is a guide how you change your hair color easily at home: