10 life lessons from a mother for her daughter

10 life lessons a mother wants her daughter to know


Especially, if you are an Indian daughter of an Indian mom. Let’s get straight to the points then.

A young woman has her wet hair braided by her mother in Chennai


  1. You are the best thing ever happened to me: The day you were born was the BEST day of my life. That was the day you turned me into a mother. And, trust me on this, being the mother of a girl is the best thing that can ever happen to a woman. You are the reason of my happiness. The world may try thousand ways to make you feel inferior; belittle you or your existence. Then remember this point.


  1. You are A GIFT: The best one, in fact! You have always been my pride. You should know your worth. Though I am not asking you to be a snob, but, you must also not accept anything that devalues you. You will meet lots of people who will judge you by your clothes, preferences etc. Just smile and wave! Do not ever let their thoughts bother your soul.


  1. Only you can make yourself happy: Yes. It’s very important to understand that your happiness does not depend on others, especially, boys or the Prince charming. There will be a time when people will make a big issue of your relationship status. We live in a society where being single, being not-married-yet are perceived as sadness. But, let me tell you that ONLY you can make yourself happy.


  1. There’s no reason worth enough to change you: And ‘love’ is certainly not a reason! And, just because you a girl, you do not have to fit others’ bill. So if you ever meet someone who, in the name of love, requests/orders/pursues you to change yourself, remember, unfortunately, true love does not demand changes. So do not change yourself for anyone/anything/any pressure.


  1. You ARE Beautiful: Complexion, facial features, figure, weight etc. do not matter here. So, you do not have to wear makeup or depend on designer dresses to look beautiful. You are born a beautiful girl. If somebody fails to see that beauty in you, it’s the problem of their poor eyesight.


  1. World can be cruel, but you can’t: This world is full of different people. Some will be rude with you, some will be cruel. But, never let these negative characteristics find a place in your heart. If the world is being unfair to you or to other girls, you try to be more compassionate and sensitive towards the fellow girls.


  1. Reading can change your life: The more you will read, the more liberated your soul will be. So make books your best friend and let them open your eyes, broaden your soul and horizon.


  1. Do NOT Compromise: Yes, you will be asked at every step of your life that it’s girls who HAVE TO compromise. But it is not. So do not compromise with anything for anything. Voice your opinion, stand against those who want you to compromise and do not let people bend you.


  1. You are not a burden: Hence, our home will be always yours. You are neither a burden before your marriage, nor a headache if you have to come back to your parents after marriage.
  2. Only You have the right to decide your life priorities: Neither your boyfriend, husband, in-laws or even your parents i.e. us, has/have any right to decide how you shall live/conduct your life. The life is yours, so is the choices.
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She was born 1987 in Kolkata. She firmly believes in: To change the social norms towards women, you need to change the perspective first. To change the perspective, you need to think differently. And to think differently, you need to realize that you have the power to think differently than what has always been said to you.