10 Misconceptions that make your wardrobe tasteless!

We all want to look our best all the time and we all follow the fashion rules very keenly not worrying whether they actually do apply to our body or not. There is this one thing about fashion that is heartbreaking that no matter how presentable we try to be we always make a small mistake that messes up our whole look. It is just that people do not want to deviate and violate the do’s and don’ts of the fashion rules that are stuck in their heads.

10 Misconceptions that make your wardrobe tasteless!

Fashion myths or misconceptions often put many shoppers off. Even if you do shop, people won’t stop judging you when you wear something against the fashion myths. These fashion myths are just a few things that people have believed from ages and have come to be as facts but these are just plain wrong. So if people tell you that you can’t wear something just because you are not so tall and skinny then ask them to just shove it. Scroll on to know the various fashion myths you’ve been holding on to and know why it is time to let go of them once and for all.

Misconception 1: Don’t Wear Light Colors As They Make You Look Fat


Women often suggest other women to wear dark colors so that they can look a bit slim but that is so not true. Light colors do not make us look fat. It is just a misconception. In fact, style is more important. If you know how to choose outfits that are appropriate for your body type and to choose the outfits that accentuate the advantages then it doesn’t matter whether you wear dark or light color. Just learn how to combine the colors as per the occasion.

Misconception 2: Mixing Different Prints Is A No-No

We often criticize when people mix and match prints. But the thing is mixing prints is not that bad. We just don’t know because we have never tried. There are a certain set of guidelines that you need to remember. For example, making sure that prints have something in common even if it just the color. Wearing different geographic prints together also makes a perfect combination. You can also try wearing same prints where one print is larger and the other one is smaller. You just need to make sure that they are not trivial.

Misconception 3: Black Is Slimming


This is the most common myth we have heard people believe. Again here I’ll the same thing what I said about the myth regarding light colors that color doesn’t matter, it is all about the style. One thing you really need to know is to find out whether black suits you or not. The color of the fabric can do nothing to hide your weight.  You need to avoid wearing fur or shining fabric if you really want the slimming effect. You can try contrasting outfit colors so as to disperse the attention from your flaws if you are really insecure about them.

Misconception 4: Furs and Frills Make You Look Fat

Well, not exactly. Furs and flounces are known to widen the body. I won’t deny it that they do make our body look wide but that is only when we wear dresses full of frills and furs. We kind of overdo it. Yes, if you have a model like a figure then frills won’t affect you. But if you are a bit healthy then frills are going to add a few extra pounds. So should you quit wearing them? No, try adding fur only on your sleeves or at the hemline of your dress etc. Frills do suit everyone and they give tenderness to you.

Misconception 5: Oversized Clothes Look Cute On Everybody


Oversized clothes don’t suit everyone unless you think looking like a hobo is fashionable. Oversized clothes suit some women and make them look absolutely cute but it’s not so for everyone. Voluminous sweater or baggy pants suit women who have taller legs or those who are thin. Women with healthy bodies and short women should opt out of oversized clothes because they imbalance the proportion of the body even more than it is. So choosing the outfits should be done carefully.

Misconception 6: Combining 3 Colors In A Single Outfit Is A Bad Taste


Seems like this rule was made by those people who didn’t want to steer out of a standard dress code because, in reality, you can combine three colors and still look very good. If you have a really good sense of style and know which shades go well with each other you can combine three colors really well. You can choose a particular dark color which you like and then choose the remaining colors as the additional bases to the first color.

Misconception 7: Horizontal Stripes Widen The Body


You are quite mistaken if you believe this myth because this is not actually a clear fashion rule. The thing with horizontally lined dresses is that if you wear dresses that have wide and large contrast lines they are going to make you look wider. You’ve to understand that the color and the width of the horizontal lines play an important role. So next time you want to buy something which has horizontal lines on it don’t worry, just choose the one which has visually narrow stripes and try to pair the outfit with clothes that compliment it.

Misconception 8: Wearing A Wide Belt Creates A Waist Which Gives A Shape To The Body

Wearing a wide belt across your waist won’t exactly disperse attention but in fact, attract attention to the problem areas. They end up bringing attention to the hips, which you are trying to avoid. Women with curvy figures should try to wear V-neck dresses to emphasize their bust and give the idea of a long neck. You can also try knee length maxi dresses where the waist has been moved up or down.

Misconception 9: Keep The Sparkly Pieces For Night Only


Of course, we don’t ask you to wear the sequins and metallic outfit when you go to shopping and all. But why do we have to save them just to wear when the sun goes down? You can still wear those sparkling outfits by making a perfect high –low outfit. Wear your sequined dress by pairing it with a plain black jacket or denim jacket and sneakers. Combine casual clothes with the sparkly ones and wear them in some brunch or tea parties or casual dinners. Well, that’s another piece of clothing put to good use, isn’t it?

Misconception 10: Don’t Wear Socks Or Stocking With Open-Toe Shoes/Sandals

Yeah, we totally get it that socks give the wintery kind of look and sandals give Summers kind of look but why can’t you wear them together? What’s the big deal about it? There’s nothing weird about it. If your pair them right then you are going to stand out and be unique in the crowd. Pairing black stockings with the silver open-toe shoes is an awesome combination. Same goes with the socks and sandals which give you the school girl kind of vibes.

I think it might be safe to say that you should wear whatever you want as long as that suits you. The fashions do’s and don’ts can be quite misleading.

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