10 Pocket friendly homemade toners for your skin!

Careful toning for skin is a must for all-rounder skin care. Different types of skin toners are available in market however, unless some branded products most of these products are made with chemical ingredients which are not that skin friendly so that you can use them at regular course.

10 Pocket friendly homemade toners for your skin!

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In comparison to chemical-based skin toners, homemade skin toners are not only safe to use, they can be made on your own and are quite inexpensive too.

apple cider vinegar

You are surely well aware that apple cider vinegar has plenty of medicinal properties for health care. But do you know that it is a great quality skin toner too.

It is extremely easy to make apple cider toner. Just mix water and apple cider vinegar in 1: 2 proportions. For example, you can take 2 tablespoons full apple cider vinegar and 4 teaspoons full filtered water. Shake well the mix in a glass bottle and store in room temperature preferably in a dark place. Dab cotton ball in it and use the toner on your moist skin.Then you need to wait for 5 minutes next before you apply moisturizer.

rose petal

10 Pocket friendly homemade toners for your skin!

Bottled rose water is available for skin care under different brand names but you can make the rose water toner by your own effort. Collect half cup of rose petals in fresh condition. Pour lukewarm filtered water on these petals and keep the pot closed with a lid for next 2-3 hours so that the rose petals get completely soaked in water.

Once the essential rose oil and water get admixed, you can separate rose petals from the water. Now keep the rose water in a glass bottle protected by tight lid;you maynow preserve the homemade rose water in refrigerator for further use. Use the toner twice a day, and once before retiring to bed. This is an ideal skin toner for sensitive skin.


curd and cucumber juice

10 Pocket friendly homemade toners for your skin!

Curd and cucumber are two ingredients that add awesome natural skin glow for their skin care ingredients. Now the mix of these two products produce awesome result for skin care: Just mix cucumber extract and grated curd together and use the mix on your skin. Allow the mix to set on your skin for next 5-10 minutes and then wash off completely with flowing water.

The best part of this natural toner is its hydrating power. Unless your skin is dry or wrinkle prone, you need not to use moisturizer after you apply this homemade natural toner.

lime and sugar mix

10 Pocket friendly homemade toners for your skin!

Lime and sugar are two common ingredients in your kitchen, and combo of these two can make excellent natural skin toner for oily skin. Just mix ½ cup sugar and ½ cup lemon extract. Rub gently on your skin. Sugar will work as a skin scrubber and lime juice will work as skin toner.

If you have facial hair, this lime sugar combo will work as a natural exfoliator and will reveal an awesome glowing skin underneath the dry and dead cell layer, which is an extra advantage in your skin care regimen.

Mix of sandalwood, turmeric, and milk

10 Pocket friendly homemade toners for your skin!

You can mix sandalwood power, turmeric powder, and milk together to form a smooth paste. Apply it on your facial skin and adjacent neck region and allow it to rest for 10-15 minutes.

Wash the drying paste from your skin with cold water. However, please be careful about adding turmeric powder in it. Overdose will add a yellowish tinge on your face which may not look good unless your skin complexion is very fair. Regular use of this natural toning pack on your skin will keep your skin soft, glowing, and young.

Mix of honey and egg white

10 Pocket friendly homemade toners for your skin!

Honey is an excellent natural toner for its hydrating power and loads of nutrients in it. When honey and egg is mixed, it forms one of the best natural skin toners for all types of skins. Honey will keep your skin soft and hydrated and egg will prevent formation of wrinkles and patchy skin tone.

As an immediate result of smearing this natural skin toner regularly on your skin,you will be able to enjoy excellent age reversal treatment at pocket friendly price. You can use the toner for all types of skin.

Tomato and grape mix

10 Pocket friendly homemade toners for your skin!

Both tomato and grapes are full of antioxidants and loads of nutrients, and both the fruits offer awesome health benefits if consumed at regular course. Similarly if mix of these two fruits is applied on skin for skin care effect, it offers excellent result in skin improvement, which can be experienced with few days’ time.

Tomato juice works as mild bleach and grapes work for excellent skin hydration. If you have matured or dry skin, this is an excellent toning pack for you. Use the fruit toner twice a week and enjoy gorgeous skin in no time!

Neem Toner

Add neem leaves in filtered boiled water and rest the water for next 2-3 hours in an air tight container. Apply the neem leaf treated water on face and other areas of skin. It will add a healthy glow on your skin within one week time if you repeat the skin toning method for at last 3-4 times/week.

This is an inexpensive skin toning formula with priceless return for your skin care, which you can use round the year. Matured need leaves should be used for making the toner in comparison to new leaves.


Basil made skin toner

10 Pocket friendly homemade toners for your skin!

Add basil leaves in boiled water and keep the water with basil leaves in an air tight container till it gets cooled. Apply the basil toner on your face and neck area; you will get to control your acne problem as well as your skin will remain free from the problem of skin blemish and patchy appearance. You can save money from using skin whitening treatment creams or beauty treatment.


Orange and yogurt mix 

10 Pocket friendly homemade toners for your skin!

Orange and yogurt mix is a well-known skin care formula that keeps skin soft, hydrated, fair complexioned, and free from wrinkles and fine lines in under eye zone. This is especially good for oily skin however dry and normal skins will be benefitted by this homemade toner provided you apply light moisturizer on your face.

It is simple to make the mix: Just add orange pulps, orange peel grated, and curd together and make a smooth paste. Apply the mix on your face and neck area and allow it to sit for next 15-20 minutes. Once the paste will get slightly dried on face, wash it off with cold water.  Try this skin toning formula at least 2-3 times in a week to reveal your skin’s glowing beauty.

The best part is these skin toner formulas are free from complicated making process, the ingredients are inexpensive and easily available.



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