10 Problems faced by a woman during pregnancy!

10 Problems faced by a woman during pregnancy!

Pregnancy lasts nearly about 40 weeks and in the meantime your body faces a lot of different problems. These problems arise due to different reasons. Pregnancy causes a lot of realignments and readjustments in your body which results in these issues. Here is a list of the main problems that a woman faces during her pregnancy.



You feel like scratching your nipples all the time because it gets that itchy. The reason is breastfeeding. During pregnancy, your body is lactating and that stretching makes your nipples prickly and irritated. For some relief, you should apply cocoa butter cream.



Your urinary bladder is under pressure due to the expanding uterus and as a result, you pee a lot. Like A-LOT! You should try kegel exercises.  Kegel exercises can help you prevent urinary incontinence.  Try and be around a bathroom to avoid inconvenience.  Wear panty-liners . They are life saviors during sudden leakage while coughing or sneezing.



Increased level of estrogen secretion by the body causes a lot of discharge. This can make you icky which is why we advise that you wear pantiliners or cotton. If the discharge has really strong odor and you are having burning sensations, immediately consult your doctor. The vaginal discharge help prevent any infections travelling up from the vagina to the womb.



10 Problems faced by a woman during pregnancy!

During pregnancy, you also have to deal with a lot of digestion problems. You have very less space in your belly which makes food absorption inconsistent.  Resultantly, you are gassy! You should avoid fatty food and eat your meals in smaller portions.



It feels like your teenage days are back as your face is bursting with acne issues. The immense amount of hormonal changes going on in your body is responsible for this.  You should consult your doctor for a solution.



Pregnancy leads to change in sleeping patterns and consequently you end up having crazy dreams. These dreams often cause discomfort and break your sleep. The only solution is to remain stress free. This shall help you in curbing sleep disruptions.



Your libidos will trick you all the time. Sometimes they may skyrocket due to increased blood flow in the body and sometime they may erase out due to exhaustion or fatigue. Ask your partner to pamper you or make love to you with lots of cuddles and kisses.



Morning sickness happens during the initial months of pregnancy. You wake up with a feeling of vomiting, this is also called nausea. You may vomit or you may not. Nausea can occur anytime of the day. After three months of pregnancy, this feeling slowly begins to subside.



10 Problems faced by a woman during pregnancy!

Cramps are common but scary. It occurs when the uterus expands for baby’s development . There is pulling sensation from both sides of your abdomen and the pain is sharp like stabbing.  You should take a warm bath, do some relaxation exercises and drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated.



Varicose veins, swelling and pregnancy go hand in hand.  Varicose veins show up in your leg as you carry excessive weight pressurizing the lower section of your body. These veins are blue or purples in color and appear as bulges in your skin surface.


These were the main problems of pregnancy. There can be times when you feel embarrassed due to these problems but it important to remember that all this is for the beautiful baby developing inside you. I am sure with this reminder all your positive energies will be restored.



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