10 Reasons why your best friend is ignoring you!

Plenty of times we are left wondering that why that one friend stopped calling you and returning your emails. She suddenly strated ignoring you and  stopped uploading pictures with you or commenting on your feeds. Friends taking a step back from you is something that we all have dealt with. And it has often remained a mystery that why they withdraw from you when evidently something problematic hasn’t occurred between you guys. Well! As they say it is the little thing that matters. You would have possibly gone wrong with the little gestures that you didn’t notice but they made a note of.

What to do when your bestie ignores you?

Here are the reasons as to why your friend has started to ignore you.

10 Reasons why your best friend is ignoring you!

You don’t make time for her

Friends are often taken for granted. People assume that spending time with friends is not as important as spending time with your boyfriends and family. Let me tell you that they hold equal importance. Time is one of the most precious things in life. If you don’t allot time to your relationships, people are going to leave, as simple as that. The reason why she has stopped texting could be that you are never there for her in their times of need. They are battling the game of life on their own and they feel alone when they need a shoulder. As a friend, you are obliged to be there for her when she needs you.


You don’t keep your promises

Empty promises are hurtful. You are cancelling plans at the last moment and are always making random excuses. After a while, she would know that your excuses are not genuine and ditching your friends is your habitual action. Backing out of plans or informing them at the last moment is clearly making visible where they fall in your priority list. They would anyway like to walk out from such kind of friendship.


You are the Cribbing queen

It is natural for people to maintain distance from you if you are all about the negatives. As a friend, they would listen to you but if you only serve them with conversations that consists of complains and troubles you face, they wouldn’t stick around for long. Friends are meant to be by your side in your lows, but cribbing all the time as if your life sucks, definitely not going to help.


You don’t spend your money

You are probably going out to make a call or running to the washroom when it is the bill paying time. You always forget your wallet or card while you go out and you never spend money. You behave like a miser whenever you guys hand out. This way people will only end up avoiding you. Their money is as valuable as yours.


You make her feel inferior

You like bragging about your success and achievements and this makes her feel lesser. She is ought to feel inferior if you have a habit of talking about yourself. You like to tell her about the expensive purse you have bought and you look down on the lifestyle she leads. You make comparisons and make her feel devalued.


You make her feel insignificant

10 Reasons why your best friend is ignoring you!

You have planned for a movie and you bring your boyfriend along. You tag along someone, every time you plan up a meet. She feels ignored and you fail to give her the attention she needs. Just because she is your friend, you take the leverage that she would adjust for anywhere for you. This way you never give her the time and importance she deserves.


You do not adjust to anything

If she asks you to accompany her for a movie, you make the choice for which movie you will watch. You never ask for her views and you impose your choices on her. You never adjust your time or routine according to her needs. She is likely to feel frustrated.


You cannot be trusted

She told you her secrets and expected you to keep it to yourself. But what you did is opened your big mouth and spilled the beans. Imagine how badly she must be embarrassed or hurt to have heard other people discuss her. She thought you are faithful and would retain her trust and you could not control yourself and disrespected her trust in you.


You lack manners and etiquettes

Every time she brings her tiffin, she makes sure she shares it with you. On the other hand, you don’t care whether she is starving, you gulp in your food and never leave a bite for her. You use her makeup, use her phone for browsing without seeking her permission. These are things that should fall in your common sense but as it is rightly said ‘common sense is not so common’.


You lack gratitude

10 Reasons why your best friend is ignoring you!

You leave no signs of gratitude for having her company. You do not notice the little things that she does for you and always forget saying ‘thank you’. She treats you with chocolates or cards randomly or picks up a book from the store that you mentioned to her in your talks. But you never make any such gestures and not only that, you never tell her how grateful you are to have her in your life.


These are the ten main reasons why your BFF ignores you is not up for stretching the friendship any longer. She is probably tired of your behavior and feels lack of empathy from your side. So dwell into these reason, dig back where you went wrong and make up to her.



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