10 Reasons Why All Dads Are Superheroes


10 Reasons Why All Dads Are Superheroes

On Father’s Day, Womennow would like to thank all the Daddies for raising such beautiful daughters and sons.

All dads are superheroes, there’s no need to state reasons to prove this fact. But we must always take time out to remind our fathers how much they mean to us. They have been our saviours. So, let us remind them again why they are our One and Only Superheroes on this Father’s Day!


  • Daddy’s Little Princess/Prince

10 Reasons Why All Dads Are Superheroes

A father makes you realise your worth. He treats you with royalty, pampers you, adores you and buys you practically everything you ask for, that he can afford. From chocolates and candies to dresses and cellphones, our daddies have never made us feel deprived.

In our own little worlds, we will always be our father’s little princess/prince.


“It was clicked when I was 6…Soundly and safely asleep on our father’s lap.”

-Nikita Airan

  • Someone To Look Up To – The Ideal Gentleman

10 Reasons Why All Dads Are Superheroes

Fathers are figures we look up to. Not only are they our childhood heroes, but also our idols. They are the ideal image of a real Gentleman. They taught us how a lady should be treated – gently and with utmost respect.


“My dad is the ideal example of a responsible father and a respectable gentleman. He treated my mother like his queen. He proved to be the best husband, for that I admire him the most.”

-Shreya Shah

  • He Listens Patiently

10 Reasons Why All Dads Are Superheroes

Every time you have a complaint, an angry story to narrate, a new shopping item you want to purchase, an opinion you want to share or even require a shoulder to cry on. He is all ears. He listens to every little detail you want to utter, patiently, till you are done venting.


“He knows everything about what is going on in my life and mind. We both share all our secrets with one another. He is my guide and mentor and closest friend.”

-Shraddha Gaud


  • Protective And Possessive

10 Reasons Why All Dads Are Superheroes

Dads have always been overprotective. They will never let a worthless man touch their daughter or break her heart. He will break the boy’s face who makes his little princess shed a single drop of tear. He’s the most honest lover you will ever have.

He will bail his son out of every act of delinquency and shield him till his last breath.


“He taught me to be strong, motivated me and told me to never give up and never lose hope. He helped me with my studies, bought me a Scooty and taught me how to ride it. He supported all my decisions and encouraged me to chase my dreams.”

-Sandhana Aggarwal


  • He Forgives You

10 Reasons Why All Dads Are Superheroes

A father – no matter how grave the crime – can never be mad at his little bird for too long. The ease with which he forgives you is magical – like forgiveness is the easiest thing in the world. No other man will ever be so generous with forgiveness. It kills him to rebuke you or stay away from you for too long.


“He is not a god-fearing, but a god-loving man. He loves people and his heart is full of kindness. He respects and forgives people with ease. I wish I can someday be just like him.”

-Mansi Gupta


  • He Teaches You Life’s Invaluable Lessons

10 Reasons Why All Dads Are Superheroes


From riding a cycle to driving a car, from playing soccer to drawing a cat, from blowing bubbles to disciplining you – Dads have always been our first teachers. They have taught us innumerable invaluable things in life. We can never thank them enough for the knowledge, wisdom and skills they have imparted on us.


“I was really worried the night before my exams and was unable to fall asleep. So my father came to me, caressed my forehead and said, ‘Son, don’t worry. Just give your best and success will come right back at you,’ and I fell asleep peacefully.”

-Ripul Prakash


  • Bearhugs And Broken Hearts

10 Reasons Why All Dads Are Superheroes

They have always been there for us – through thick and thin, in times of distress and happiness. Since the time we were born, they have never let go of our hands. Taken us for late-night ice-creams, made us have a fabulous time every time we felt low and given us the warmest and comfiest of hugs.


“My dad is not a superhero in a costume, but he flew to the extremes to get me the things I wished for and had the power to turn my sorrow into joy. He was always there to pick me up whenever I fell.”

-Namrata Dave Gor

  • The Rock Of The Family

10 Reasons Why All Dads Are Superheroes

He’s been the family’s financial, moral and emotional support. Mummy’s unparalleled lover and strength – the rock of the family. He laid the foundation for the growth of a beautiful family.


“He has always ensured that our needs are satiated. We have seen hard times but he has always been like a wall, protecting us, at the same time, never letting go of his integrity. He has been strict with us as well as too gentle – allowing us to enjoy our life. He is like a coconut – rough and tough from the outside, sweet and soft on the inside.”

-Rohit Bhuwania

  • Job Of A Superhero With A Million Superpowers

10 Reasons Why All Dads Are Superheroes

Being a dad itself – mind you – is the job of a superhero. Raising a family, providing for the best standard of living for his closest ones, fulfilling all their dreams and wishes, mending the broken hearts of his family members, throwing the best parties in the honour of his wife and kids alone and being the most selfless creature on this planet. Indeed, he is a superhero with a million superpowers!


“I remember when me and my brother were small, my father would save money to buy us expensive story books to read. We are a middle-class family, we could never afford such things. But my father sacrificed a little every month to bring us joy. These are the certain things I recall about my dad and feel really lucky.”

-Dimple Adiwal


  • He Made Us Believe We Could Be Our Own Heroes

10 Reasons Why All Dads Are Superheroes

When everyone around you starts doubting your potential and loses faith in you – your father smiles calmly and reinstills your confidence saying – You will be your own hero. You will shine. Hold on, just give it some time. They make you believe in yourself and inspire you to never ever give up.


“Back in my early 20s, I remember all my friends and relatives would make fun of me, saying, ‘You’re a loser! You’ll never get a job, you’ll waste your time like you have always been wasting. You’ll always be living on your dad’s money.’ I broke down one night and my dad caught me in the state of mind. He only said one thing, ‘Son, all you have to is try. Get up and start running after your dreams till you can feel them in your hands. Doesn’t matter if you fail a million times. What matters is how you never stop playing the game.’ I knew that very moment that I too, someday, will be a hero like my dad.”

-Sounak Mukherjee


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