10 Reasons you should date a writer once in life!

10 Reasons you should date a writer once in life!

One of my favorite writers, Albert Camus wrote, “Blessed are the hearts that could bend, they shall never be broken.” This is what writers do, they find beauty in something as sad as a heartbreak. I would know, I am one. Have you ever thought while reading some writers work, how would it be to date this guy? You must have dated engineers, accountants or entrepreneurs; but if you date a writer, you will be amazed how different they are from the rest of the world. They are neither flamboyant and outgoing like other artists nor low-key and sophisticated like white collar guys. Here are ten reasons you should date a writer at least once in your life.


    • We are good at communicating


I have seen a lot of couples complaining that there’s a communication gap between them. Either one of them talks too much or they don’t talk at all. Sometimes they talk about everything except what’s in their heart. If you have had these problems in the past, a writer would be a perfect partner for you. As writers we have practiced the art putting what’s in our heart in words over and over. You will always know what’s in our heart and we will always be happy to listen to what’s in yours.


  • We are easy to please

Writers are the least materialistic people you’ll ever meet. They don’t really find happiness in spending. For them the phrase ‘it’s the gesture that matters’ is apt. Buy them a good dinner, a nice journal, a book by their favorite author and they’ll return not only be really happy but also return it tenfolds. I’m not saying you shouldn’t make an effort but in case you miss you won’t have to face the drama, unlike your other relationships.


    • We feel everything

As guys, we are always told that crying or feeling is not a masculine thing to do and slowly most guys lose that ability or at least learn to hide it well. But writers are rebels and they learn to feel everything that they are going through so they could put it in words. So if you are in a relationship with them they would always share their feelings and let you share yours freely.


  • We observe the smallest of things

In today’s fast world everyone wants to get done with things as soon as possible. But not writers, they look at everything and absorb the most intricate details about it. Be it a conversation, a place or a  person; writers observes and remember the smallest of details about them. Wouldn’t you love when he or she tells stories in details about your outing together?


    • We make the little things seem important

“Her eyes had seen so much and yet were so beautiful.” You would rarely find people other than writers talking about the most little things with utmost importance. As our gifts, we like to make the little things the biggest things in life. We will have the most unique and out of the box ideas to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays and random celebrations. We would not hesitate your little achievements and cry with you in a movie. Enjoy the little things with a writer and you’ll appreciate them a little more.


    • We are great conversation partners

A writer has some of the most amazing perspectives you would get to hear in the world. There would never be a time when a writer won’t have something to talk about. They are amazing at holding conversations and keeping it interesting. But with that writers are patients listeners too, letting you speak your heart out. How many times you have been tired to be the listener in a relationship? But a writer knows to mix words and silence perfectly.


    • We will make you our muse

This is one of the best things you could get from a writer. If they fall in love with you, all their words would be on your command. Everything they write would have an essence of you. Think how beautiful it would be when he writes a cute note, love letters and poems for you. Waking up to random blog posts about you on social media. Being a writer’s muse is a very rare gift and is also one of the finest.


    • We are well read

Have you seen some random guy in a coffee shop reading and thought to yourself that’s hot? Well, then you must definitely date a writer. As writers we are constantly reading something; be it a poem, a novel, an article or a short story. It not only makes them attractive but also well informed about everything. And they will always have the most amazing book recommendations.


    • We can be highly romantic

You wouldn’t find someone as romantic as a writer because we love to try new things which would serve as a great story someday. If you have seen romcoms or read romance, all those ideas came from a writer’s mind. Think about living with one who never runs out of ideas to surprise you.


    • We will make our own little world with you

Writers are not the most social creatures. It doesn’t mean they don’t go out and party or don’t socialize. They do but not as a rule but only when they feel like. They like to live in their own little world and be around the same people most of the time. That’s very rare these days to be content with minimum social interactions. If they let you enter their weird little world you’ll know what it feels to be special.


I may have been biased or missed some points. If you feel so please tell us your reasons in the comment section below.



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