10 Reasons why All guys are not the same!

If  you are one of those who think that all guys are the same after you’re dating series, perhaps you need to ponder a little more from a different paradigm. Just so, if all the guys are same then how come some women find ‘happily ever after” and some don’t. Because not all the guys are the same –just the ones you date.

Not all guys want to play games.

10 Reasons why All guys are not the same!

Real men don’t play games, only the players do. They give you mixed signals and you don’t understand and that’s the way they like it. You think you have met your guy but you only end up playing a game.  You don’t know what they really feel about you and how are they pursuing you. If you are thinking that all the guys are same, then none of the men you have dated are not the real men.


Not all guys will disrespect you

If some of the guys you have dated never respected you then the fault was with them and rather than letting that emotion overrule you need to gear up yourself. That overruling emotion will only make you feel that all men are sexiest, which is not the truth. Demand your own respect and you might be surprised by how many guys are willing to give you in abundance.


Not all the guys are full of empty promises.


If  you think so, then what would you say about your friends who have loyal loving lads in their lives. Are they exceptions?   Well then!  The world is truly full of exceptional ones. You just ought to find one. You just got to find the one who doesn’t lie to you and fulfils all his promises and one day you will have one. You just need to shed your misbelieve


Not all guys will ghost you.


You think that you really impressed the one you started like but after a while you don’t hear anything for them. You continue wondering what really went wrong and those guys will haunt you like a ghost until you start believing that this is what all men do. Wrong. You chose the wrong one. All men will not become a ghost.


Not all guys are only interested in sex.

10 Reasons why All guys are not the same!

Some men only want sex. They have got nothing to do with your mind or heart..  The question is why do you keep find these men. There are only some. Not all men want sex, Some truly want true love. You need to pick these ones.


Not all the refuse to commit.


Surely nine of the guys you have dated seem to commit but you need to see that you are the common factor here, so you may be just the problem. You can blame all the guys you want but at the end of the day, its you who in control of the types of guys you end up with. You need to date a man who will actually commit to you.


Not all guys are afraid to settle down.


In your mind, no man will ever stay with just one woman all his life. But that nor true There are one woman man out there. Its you who is never interested in them the men you dated till now don’t want to be an exception. So, Rather than forming your beliefs, you need to more careful about the ones you are choosing.


Not all guys are incapable of apologizing.

10 Reasons why All guys are not the same!

Till now, it was your men who were screwing you and you were the one apologizing because you don’t want to lose them. You start to believe that you are living in the man’s world and you just have to accept that. But that not the truth. If a guy hurts you then he should be the one who need to apologize. And if he doesn’t then you begin to think that they are all the same. You need to hook onto the right ones. Because there are men who think that they should apologise if need to.


Not all guys cheat.


It’s not impossible to find a man who doesn’t cheat. The men you have dated might have thought about sex only as sex. But you know what? Not all guys think that way. The only problem is that rather than looking out for the real men and settling out for the loyal one you end up being with cheaters.


Not all guys are heartbreakers.

10 Reasons why All guys are not the same!

Every man you have dated might have broken your heart till now, but that doesn’t imply that every man will continue to do the same. Yet this might continue if you will continue to choose the wrong ones. So stop dating heartbreakers. Don’t date with the prior thought of dating a heartbreaker. You might end up with a good guy who would give your heart a lovely break.