10 Reasons Why Naughty Women Always Seem To Get What They Desire

If you are wondering why some women always seem to get what they desire and wish for while you are trying and trying, but still getting nowhere? let us explain to you why. Well, it’s no secret that naughty and bold women always seem to steal the limelight. The good girls may have a better reputation yet bad girls seem to be the center of attention. Good girls don’t show it up front but inside they do get jealous of the naughty and bad girl.

10 Reasons Why Naughty Women Always Seem To Get What They Desire

What does naughty woman possesses that a good woman doesn’t? Let’s just say there are a few qualities that differentiate them. That doesn’t mean a good girl can’t get what she wants. She definitely can, once she learns some of these qualities which you possess but is holding back within you. Most guys often notice a naughty girl instead of a good girl. And it is certainly not because they will get laid. Nope, men are attracted to the confidence and bold attitude the naughty women carry with them.

There’s nothing wrong with being a good girl and there’s nothing wrong with being a badass either. If you also have the same questions in the mind then check out the few qualities of naughty women

Taking No Shit From Anyone

One thing that makes a naughty woman admirable is their ‘taking no shit from others’ attitude. They won’t stand and wait for you to put them down. The moment you speak a word against her, she will squash you right there. They stand for what they seem to find right and they will fight for it. They will never allow you to look down at them and they have zero tolerance for people who spew shit. She is an alpha woman who is totally happy with who she is and won’t ever allow you to pull her down and will stand her ground.

Playing By The Rules Doesn’t Exist In Their Dictionary

10 Reasons Why Naughty Women Always Seem To Get What They Desire

The naughty women are called naughty for a reason, right? They will never follow the rules because they believe that rules are meant to be broken. They won’t play fair and square when it comes to getting something they desire. If they want something, they will get it by hook or by crook. It is because of this quality they have gotten the bad name. If you really want to get what you want then you need to learn to break or at least bend some rules because sometimes you can’t get everything by being a goody-two-shoes. [Read: What makes you most depressed depending on your Zodiac!]

An Oozing Confidence

By this, I don’t mean to say that a good girl doesn’t have confidence, but what I mean to say is that naughty women know how to flaunt it. They have that aura around them which makes people notice them as soon as they step into the room. They are not shy or meek, but they are confident as hell. Their confidence is what makes people listen to them attentively. When they want something they can easily grab the attention of people and the rest falls in place automatically. They know how to make use of the effect they have on people and they are freaking good at it. [Read: Powerful ways to boost your self confidence]

They Know How To Get The Work Done By Others

When you are the sweet and good girl you might find it hard to ask someone else to do the work for you. But naughty women don’t think once while commanding others to do something. They have that confidence which makes people do things for them. They know how to be in charge and handle people.

Up For Risks Always

10 Reasons Why Naughty Women Always Seem To Get What They Desire

Why do you think they got the name of being naughty? They jump in at the chance of adventure, challenge or risk. They thrive on it. They don’t like being plain and boring. Of course, taking risks means losing few things too but the plus side is that you get whatever you want if you succeed. That’s what makes them different, they try to see the positive side and give their best to make it happen.

They Have Got No Lazy Bone In Them

Naughty women are quite the hard workers. When they set their mind on something they will work their ass off for it. They believe that if they want to get something then they have to work hard for it and they definitely do get it. In fact, they don’t need others to motivate them because they know that if you want something then you have to start working on it now.

‘No’ Is Not An Answer For Them Ever

If there is one thing that a naughty woman will never take for an answer is a ‘No’. They don’t want to rebel against you but it is just the fact that when they want something, they just want it and there’s no one stopping them from getting whatever it is that they want. Most of the times their ‘not playing by the rules’ attitude brings them good. They are not the ones to sit by silently once they hear a no from someone. That’s why when you know something good is coming your way, don’t stop yourself just because someone said no to you. [read: What makes each Zodiac ignore you all of a sudden?]

Independent By Nature

This is obvious by now because of their confident and hardworking nature. They are fiercely independent. You’ll never see her being dependent on others because most of the times she’ll do the work by herself. They have earned everything they have by their own hard work and they won’t give a rat’s ass if others don’t appreciate them. They won’t rely on others to get what they desire. You have to admire them because they won’t sit by wishing things were different but instead work for getting what they want. [Read: 16 Habits of happy independent women that are worth learning!]

Don’t Give A Damn About What Others Say

10 Reasons Why Naughty Women Always Seem To Get What They Desire

Naughty women have this way of living where they never compromise on things they want in life. They don’t allow what people think and say get in the way of what they want. It is sometimes okay to look what you want rather than doing what people want. They do things they think are good unapologetically. It is something everyone should apply in life. You can’t achieve things if you keep on worrying about others. Sometimes, it is okay to do what you want without giving damn to what people say.

They Follow Through What They Say

Naughty women are known to be bold not just because they are confident but because they stick to their words. They are confident and hard working and that’s why when they commit to doing something they will do it without fail. They have earned the respect due to this quality of theirs. They have this willpower that is admirable. There are hardly cases where they have promised something and have not been able to follow through.


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