10 Reasons why women empowerment is crucial today!

Women empowerment is one way to get the underprivileged as well as the reasonably privileged women to come to realise their worth and potential in the face of a male dominated country/world.

10 Reasons why women empowerment is crucial today!

Most women through education and familial privileges have in today’s world realised and appropriated their potentials in the best possible manner. However unfortunately there is still a section of the society that constitutes women who lack education and confidence enough to find their grounds in the male dominated society and make their substance felt.

Why women empowerment is important?

Women must possess the self worth, confidence and freedom to choose what they may with regard to their private and professional choices alike. Gender bias is unreasonable and wrong on so many levels, curbing potent individuals from not only striving towards their best but from living an independent life free of domination and fear.

Women empowerment seeks to stimulate the confidence in women by providing to them everything that in their capacity to help them see the skills that they contain and are dormant within them. A proper nurturing, polishing and sharpening of those skills is only made possible through better education, awareness and a space to freely express oneself.

Women empowerment helps in fighting this backwardness in ways mentioned below:


Around 50 per cent of the world population consists of the women population. Unemployment of women and unequal opportunities in the places of work cause great problems around the world, because true potential is left from being harnessed.


It is important to realise and understand that women in the modern era are not only equally competent but often times even ahead of men in several socio-economic fields, thus making their presence in the work front extremely important.


Women empowerment is essential today because earlier, women were not allowed to receive higher education, the society was backward and the times were different. But now the times have changed. Women take up the same responsibilities as men and do a wonderful job in showcasing their talents when given an opportunity to. It is necessary that they are given a chance to compete on the same level as men only to be able to benefit the employment and job spheres of our country.


10 Reasons why women empowerment is crucial today!

Gender shouldn’t be an unreasonable determining factor curbing potential candidates from performing where they ought to. This shall not only prove advantageous to the women concerned but also to the society that should in no way be deprived of adequate development.

Why shouldn’t a woman be a part of a work environment which is traditionally dominated by men? For instance in the corporate worlds, industries like law, engineering and in the creative field – sports like cricket still give recognition to the male players over the female players, which is unfair.

Let’s say for example that we usually associated cooking with women in the earlier days, when women were to nurture and look after the family. Her job was to maintain peace and harmony at home. However the roles have reversed and nowadays men as chefs are doing wonderfully well all over the world, having broken the stereotype of image of a woman subject to the kitchen for info.

Then why should women not be viewed in a positive light when they do something which has been more akin to the male gender over the years?


Every individual requires living an independent life free of domination and subjugation. Why should women then have to put at stake their independence for the sake of old school traditional values which don’t stand any longer today?

Women empowerment is hence also crucial in fostering economic independence among women who depend on their husbands for their daily bread, subjecting themselves to the possibility of mistreatment. This is unfair to them, given that they have the capacity to perform and add to the economic benefits of the society apart from exhibiting economic independence themselves.


As mentioned in the previous point, when independence is acquired all sorts of mistreatment can be dodged. Mistreatment includes domestic violence and sexual exploitation even in marriage.

It is important that women understand what inacceptable behaviour is, in order to fight against it. This is why education is very important and education is another great key towards women empowerment, and also the result of women empowerment.


Corruption addressed to women or to the society in general, shall be reduced when women are permitted to receive education equal to men. So women empowerment is also necessary, in order to bring about peace and justice to the society with women being equally equipped to fight against the wrongs by perhaps participating in movements, raising their voices single handed or joining groups and civil service jobs to serve their fellow country mates in the same manner as men.


10 Reasons why women empowerment is crucial today!

While women empowerment serves in granting economic independence to women, it also serves in contributing to the economic benefits of the household and the society as a whole.

Pressure on one individual to earn a family’s living can be too much to bear, which is why it is rightful to share the burden amongst one another to provide for a better living condition to their family members and also to gradually uproot poverty from the country by facilitating proper distribution of wealth per household.


Women have exhibited potential in the National and even International levels. Women like Sakshi Malik (wrestler), Dipa Karmakar (gymnast) and Manushi Chhillar,( the girl who recently bagged the Miss World crown) have all portrayed extraordinary potential and rose to International recognition even, let aside national.

These are the women who inspire and back women empowerment movements even further to purport the talents of women which look forth to be appropriated in the best possible manner.

This is why women empowerment is necessary, so that not one or two women accidentally get a chance to justify their potential and contribute to National pride but so that many other women fearlessly are able to take part in anything and everything that a man takes part in, to discover themselves. There shouldn’t be any hint of discrimination.


Certain jobs in fact can’t reach up to their best capacities without the participation of women. It is the very sentiment of nurturing, softness and warmth in some women that is necessary in fields like Non Governmental Organizations, Nursing, teaching and other similar sorts of jobs where along with the participation of men, female involvement is vital for the smooth functioning of the system in order to achieve the ideals they seek to achieve.

Why else do we need women empowerment today other than bringing about a change to the world and breaking stereotypes to assist in the greater benefit of the society, the nation and the world as a whole?

Would you like to be a part of a women empowerment programme? How else would you strive to achieve equality? Share your views in the comments section. Let us all get together and add to the development of our country.