10 remedies to fight body odor

10 remedies to fight body odor

Most of us believe that body odor is caused due to excessive sweating. Well, that’s half truth and half truth is dangerous! Body odor is caused when your sweat mixes with bacteria on your skin.

It is highly embarrassing to be constantly acquainted with sick body odor. It keeps us away from intimate relationships and prevents us from going out and mingling with people. Just like bad breath, it shuts us down and sheds our confidence.

Getting rid of body odor will require some ingredients from your kitchen. To stay fresh all day long, here’s what you need to do :


  • Shave regularly

10 remedies to fight body odor

Many people who complain of body odor claim the primary source to be their underarm. And, underarm it is, that traps bacteria, thus, giving out sickly smells. So make sure to shave to wax your underarm regularly.


  • Make use of lemon juice

10 remedies to fight body odor

Lemon juice is acidic in nature. Wherever you sweat excessively, apply lemon juice as it works miraculously for getting rid of bad smell. In the presence of acid, it becomes difficult for bacteria to breed.


  • Corn starch

10 remedies to fight body odor

Combine lemon juice and corn starch into a thick paste and apply it all over your body. Rub it gently as you begin to apply. Wash it after 5 minutes of application and witness the wonders it does. Corn starch limits the growth of bacteria on your skin.


  • Shower everyday

10 remedies to fight body odor

It is very important to bath everyday using an anti bacterial soap. Work your soap into sweat prone areas such as the armpits, private parts and neck. The soap will wash your sweat and kill the bacteria along.


  • Antiperspirants helps

10 remedies to fight body odor

Keep deodorants and antiperspirants in your handbag. They will ward off the pungent smell and prevent you from sweating head to toe.


  • Stay sway from spices

10 remedies to fight body odor

Spicy food contain a lot of garlic and onions. If you want to smell good all day long, cut down on your intake of spices. Also on alcohol and caffeine as they make you sweat lavishly.


  • Basil leaves

10 remedies to fight body odor

Apart from curing flu and lung cold, holy basils are used to cure several other skin diseases, one of them being body odor. Crush some basil leaves and mix the powder with tea tree oil. Apply the paste on your underarm. Let it rest for a couple of minutes before washing it off with plain water.


  • Gulp down liters of water

10 remedies to fight body odor

It is a commonly known fact that drinking eight to ten glasses of water every day will flush away harmful toxins from your skin, keeping your skin hydrated. Gulping down the required amount of water will cure not only body odor but many of your problems too.


  • Dry your body well

10 remedies to fight body odor

After you take a shower, towel dry your body. This is because, bacteria finds it difficult to breed in wet places. When your sweat prone areas are dried well, body odor is prevented.


  • ACV and BS

10 remedies to fight body odor

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) and baking soda (BS) work hand in hand. Apple cider vinegar kills any bacteria found on the skin while baking soda works as an anti-bacterial soap. The two mixed together will do wonders!



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