10 Safest countries for women planning to travel abroad!


India has a patriarchal society and women still struggle for equality and security. The debate on women safety has survived several centuries but has the situation bettered that still remains a question. There are many countries across the globe that ensures intact women safety and here is a list of top ten.




10 Safest countries for women planning to travel abroad!


Australia promises women absolute safety from crime against them due to religious reasons. The country vividly promotes ideas such as women peace and security agendas.




10 Safest countries for women planning to travel abroad!

Sweden, the beautiful country knows how to take care of the natives and guest travellers. If you are in Sweden you won’t fall victim to violent crimes, sexual harassment or eve teasing. Women safety is seriously addressed and visibly women who live there and those who come to travel are well secured.




10 Safest countries for women planning to travel abroad!

Canada is renowned for its laws for protection of women in the country. Canada has strict laws against child marriages and sexual harassment. Education for women is predominant in the country and they are given complete access to health care. Equality is a must in the country and there is no disparity among men and women when it comes to wages and salary.




10 Safest countries for women planning to travel abroad!

The splendid beauty of New Zealand is not just what the country is all about. Country’s accomplishments in eliminating gender discrimination and sexual harassment at workplace is admirable. New Zealand is ranked high in the Safety and Security index of the world because of its impressive protection supervision for women.



Gender equality is a primary agenda of the nation and with absolute indiscrimination; women are marked absolutely safe and secured in Denmark. Denmark is admired for the quality life that men and women lead with full personal life satisfaction.



10 Safest countries for women planning to travel abroad!

The Netherlands is a treat for women. Friendly and helpful locals, safe public transport and late night safety is what attracts women travellers across the world to visit the city. Schooling of children in the Netherlands focuses on having respect for one another which has resulted in a sensible youth. Women are secure in daylight as well as late night. You can walk on the streets from night to morning without any fear.




10 Safest countries for women planning to travel abroad!

Apart from the picturesque landscapes and mesmerizing beauty of Switzerland, the country also happened to be one of the safest in the world. Crime in the country is very rare and there are hardly any cases of assaults.




Austria is harmless when it comes to alone night travels. Though people in rural areas can be a bit unfriendly but other than that the country is applauded for its safety and security for women. You also need not worry about burglary problems as Austria is super safe.




10 Safest countries for women planning to travel abroad!

The Travel and Tourism Security Index ranks Finland as the most secured country for women in the world. Finland doesn’t have any major record of violent crimes or cases of sexual harassment against women.




With complete access to health care and education, women in Iceland are availed full safety and security. Iceland ranks at the top for in the list of safest countries for women as the female presence is deeply acknowledged and respected here. Iceland promotes gender equality and offers an immensely protected living status for women.

So, if you wish to shift your base then you must look out for these countries. Also, if a short vacation is what’s in your mind, the above mentioned countries are a great choice and will render exhilarating experience.


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